RK ♥️ Staci – ROM at Thean Hou Temple – March 2019

Is it too late to only blog about my ROM (Registration of Marriage), one year after it happened? 😂

After RK proposed in July 2018, we didn’t start planning for our ROM and wedding until Jan 2019. We were putting off the planning because we initially wanted to wait for his sister to tie the knot first. But plan changed and we decided to get the work going come the new year.

We were eyeing for joint ROM and wedding to take place some time in Q3’19 but we couldn’t find a date that worked for everyone. Weeks into the date hunt, we had the idea of registering our marriage on our dating anniversary.💡

Woohoo our 5th dating anniversary turned marriage day!

At that point in time, we were about a month away from our dating anniversary so we had to act fast if we wanted to attempt securing the date. Acted fast we did. We spent half a day going to places to have our marriage application going and boom! We got the first slot on 1st March 2019 to register at Thean Hou Temple. 😍

Note: We decided to register at a temple (instead of JPN) because RK is from Terengganu while I’m from Selangor. The process is the simplest at temple when the pair is from different states. We’re both Hainanese and Thean Hou Temple is Hainanese so our parents were happy about it too.

By then, we already decided on the theme of our wedding: honey-themed aka yellow accents. I bought a white dress online from Doublewoot, ordered a sunflower hand bouquet, shopped for a yellow handkerchief, stocked up some make ups, watched some make up tutorials and boom! We’re ready for our ROM!

Oh we bought a pair of wedding bands too that I absolutely love 😍. It complements the engagement ring perfectly.

My wedding band stacks on top of the engagement ring like a crown 👑. Loving it still one year later!

1st March 2019 was a weekday so we kept the ceremony intimate. Only immediate families and a handful of close friends knew about it. Actually the biggest groups of people who knew (and turned up) for the event were our colleagues. Awww. They somehow attended our ROM during working hours with the bosses. LOL.

Other than the fact that we had to brave through the traffic, being the first couple of the say was great! RK and I arrived about an hour earlier than our slot to have some photos taken. There was barely anyone else and the morning sun was more forgiving.

Look at the sun! These two came early and stayed till the end to make sure I look pretty 😍.

When it was time, we moved into the registrar’s room and boom! We were legally married in no time. I knew the ceremony would be short and simple but it was even more short and simple than I expected. I didn’t even have to say my own name or my husband’s name. I just had to say “I do”. Waaaaa.

And I put a ring on him in front of Buddha! He’s mine!

For the record, my eyes did well up when the marriage officiant was reading out loud his stuff. Things like “in health and sickness” and “till death do you part”. Luckily it wasn’t long then? Otherwise I’d be tearing up edi (like I did many times during the wedding).

But anyway, we proceeded to take lots of group photos and that’s it! That’s pretty much the main gist of our ROM. It’s so easy to get married 😅.

The portrait of us that I like the most and used to announce our marriage on social media.
Photo with family!
Photo at the empty temple in the morning before our ceremony.
Another one of my favourite photo that I end up using for our wedding website.

A lot of people asked after the ROM, “How is it like after marriage?” Other than the fact that I have to change some of my personal details when filling up forms i.e. marital status, emergency contact relationship, I don’t feel much change really.

For me, the biggest transition in our relationship happened when we started living together and when he proposed; both happened within 2 months so those 2 months were intense.

Let’s see if I eventually blog about the proposal that happened almost 2 years ago!

On a final note, I wanna say I love being married! I like feeling settled down and being secure about having someone to come home to every day. 😘

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