My First Relay for Life Malaysia

I wondered why Relay for Life has to start at 6pm until 10am the next day. I think I understood over the weekend as I joined my first Relay for Life Malaysia as a young cancer survivor, a week before my 1st year anniversary since completing cancer treatment…

The anticipation for Relay for Life started to build up about 3 weeks before the event as 4 other young cancer survivors and myself gathered for our dance practice. We volunteered to represent the young cancer survivors for a dance performance. Continue reading My First Relay for Life Malaysia

An Open Letter to A Youth Cancer Fighter

Dear Mei Mei,

I’ve only met you a few times during World Vision volunteering experience. I doubt we exchanged more than 20 words but you left a great impression on me — a joyous individual who brightens not just the children and families you advocate for but the team that works with you towards the same cause.

There is no doubt that you are the sunshine everyone needs in life.

Continue reading An Open Letter to A Youth Cancer Fighter

Working Out At Curves For The First Time

Over the weekend, I joined a Youth Support Group activity organized by our National Cancer Society Malaysia Youth Ambassador: Mei Sze. The group gathers cancer patients and survivors aged 18-35 years old. Mei Sze has been consistently organizing fun monthly activities and I’ve joined two so far!

The one that happened in the recent weekend was a workout session at Curves Malaysia. Curves is a female-only gym that focuses on strength training via their 30-min circuit. I’ve never been exposed to this before so it was my first time and I loved it! Continue reading Working Out At Curves For The First Time