3D Scan at Sonovision, Petaling Jaya

We actually went for a 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and VR scan at Sonovision but that’s too long for a title, isn’t it? And what are all these many dimensional scans? I only knew about 3D scan before I come across this sonography package on Fave. In fact, I only needed a 3D scan but decided to splurge on the Fave deal anyway as it seemed interesting. Most importantly, I really wanted RK to finally see the baby for the first time at Week 29 (Month 7)!

So a bit of context… I’ve been going to government hospital and clinic for prenatal check ups after the scare about a complex cyst discovered during my first prenatal appointment in a private hospital. RK was with me at that first appointment at a private hospital but he was busy drinking coffee thus skipped the ultrasound 🙄. Subsequently, he was not allowed to go to government hospital and clinic appointments due to overcrowding concern during pandemic.

For my first trimester detailed scan, the regulation was relaxed for a while so he could have attended…if only we knew about it prior to the appointment. I was very upset after my second trimester detailed scan because I was really hoping he would be allowed to attend the session.

That’s when I decided to shop for a 3D ultrasound package and found Sonovision on Fave. Honestly, I don’t know how much a 3D scan costs generally. And I had no idea what 4D, 5D, 6D and VR scans are. I just thought it sounded interesting thus didn’t mind giving it a try. I also did a brief online search about Sonovision and felt convinced enough to give them a go. The 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and VR scan package was RM230 (before -15% discount from Fave during Payday sale). You can see their ultrasound price list on their website here.

Was it worth it? Yes.

We arrived for our appointment at 10am to a quiet sonography center in Kelana Jaya during CMCO. The registration process was quite fast. Then I went to the washroom before we started our 30-min scan. We saw our baby through the monitor for 30 minutes! It was so fun!

Super excited for the 3D scan session at Sonovision, Petaling Jaya.

At my usual prenatal scans, the focus was to ensure baby was healthy so we’d always go through the anatomy one by one via 2D ultrasound to check if everything is OK. It’s usually quite fast and I usually don’t understand half of the things shown on the monitor. It’s black and white. I can’t tell apart most of the things.

This scan at Sonovision was more for vanity reason. LOL. We just wanted to see our baby! So we actually spent 30 minutes just trying to take photos and videos of baby 😍. They do detailed scan as well but I’ve gone through those many times so I was just swooning at 3D images of baby the whole time.

3D is so much better than 2D for non-medical reasons. It’s so much easier to tell things apart and we could see baby’s face for the first time! 😍

Hi, baby!

We saw baby sleeping peacefully right before we turned her grumpy by trying to wake her up for photos 😆. Sorry! We saw baby smiling, sucking her thumb, opening her mouth and showing her tongue, tasting her hand, rubbing her eye with her toes and opening her eyes! OMG, so many actions in that 30-min session!

Baby sucking thumb while sleeping soundly.
Baby pouting because we were waking her up.
Baby rubbing eyes with toes while still sleeping (and feeling grumpy).
Baby smiling!

I was blown away by the experience. I was surprised how much we can see from sonography and how magical it felt to see a 29-week-old baby in the womb doing so many things!

Ok. I shall stop blabbering now and show you videos we captured that day~

Baby opened eyes and smiled. Wonder what baby saw that made her happy.
Baby was sleeping and we tried waking her up. This was when she was about to wake up and rubbing her eyes with the toes.
Baby was tasting her hand in the womb.
Baby looking for and sucking her thumb.

Honestly, it felt surreal. It felt like it was a game. I just couldn’t believe we’d be able to see so many things happening inside the womb through a monitor. I was only expecting a photo of baby but felt like I witnessed a “30-min in the life of a baby in womb” vlog on YouTube.

So what’s the difference between 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and VR scan? According to Sonovision website, 2D is the usual black and white static image everyone associates with ultrasound. 3D is life-like photo and 4D is life video. 5D is actually HD (high definition) instead of additional dimension. 6D is when you wear a 3D spec (like how you watch 3D movie in cinema) while VR is when you wear a VR headset instead. Honestly, I didn’t feel like 6D and VR scans elevated the experience much. After all, any live visual of baby amused us enough.

If you’re an easily excited first-time jakun parent like me with RM200 to spare, I recommend going for the experience. Pregnancy feels even more magical now that I put a face to the baby in my womb. Can’t wait to meet baby in less than 3 months! 🥰

Happy parents after our sonography session with Sonovision.

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