School Holiday Coleman Family Glamping near KL Mar 2018

I used to go camping when I was still in school and college. I spent most of my time on the internet looking for new places to explore and on sites like, from which I have learnt a lot about camping and its essentials. We’d go to a camping site, set up a tiny tent, squeeze 4 persons and our bags, and wake up with backache. I’ve never really missed camping since because why should I? Well, I may after my first glamping experience with Own The Weekend team and Coleman.

For those who are not familiar, here’s the definition of glamping on Google: “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping”.

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#sharestrength at The Laureate Signature’s Genetic and Cancer Event

Recently, I attended a talk organized by The Laureate Signature, a wellness center that offers genetic profiling test, among other things. Mei Sze talked at the event as a special guest. She spoke about her cancer story, from pre-diagnosis to treatment and new norm after cancer.

Frankly, that was my first time hearing her talk about her cancer story in person after meeting her for 1.5 years now. I have to say that the sharing was heartfelt. Ah the clingy Big-C that stays on your mind all day even after it leaves your body. So much feels. Continue reading #sharestrength at The Laureate Signature’s Genetic and Cancer Event

Best of Color Run Malaysia

A man walked into the restaurant where I was having breakfast this morning. He looked sunburned, with odd red pathes on his face and arms. Odd. I told myself. On a second glance, noticed that his hair covered in colorful powder. Ah. It’s the Color Run!

In 2014 when Color Run first came to Malaysia, I attended the event too, thanks to free tickets won from CIMB. I don’t join marathons. I don’t run. So if not for the free tickets and hype about being the happiest run on planet filled with color, I wouldn’t have bothered. 3 years later, Color Run remains the only fun run I’ve ever joined to date. Continue reading Best of Color Run Malaysia

Chinese New Year Celebration 2016 and my skin care resolutions

Chinese New Year came and went! And I managed to celebrate Chinese New Year! Made it out of hospital in time to recuperate at home and look like a healthy person even though I had a 2-week-old and 5-inch-long colectomy surgery wound under my new dresses, in part thanks to a recommendation from a friend to start worrying about my skin, she told me to use a derma roller to help me reduce lines and wrinkles (you can find it at their website, the name is Sdara skin); also, I walked like I was heavily pregnant. Hehe.

I was planning to wear a 2-piece for first day of Chinese New Year but plan had to be aborted of course. So thankfully a red dress that I bought on Zalora while I was in the hospital, arrived just in time. Continue reading Chinese New Year Celebration 2016 and my skin care resolutions

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 #worldstagemy

Out of nowhere, Teressa texted me and said she won tickets to MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015. She got the tickets by participating in their online contest for countless times until she got chosen as one of the lucky winners. Whoa.

I quickly checked out the event details and realized I was familiar with Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen only. I didn’t really know her other songs because I’m just not cool like that.

But I went anyway just for the fun of it!

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 at Sunway Lagoon
Teressa and me at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015!

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My First Chinese Concert Experience: Stefanie Sun

Have you ever imagined what your first concert experience would be like? When I was young, I thought my first concert experience would be Tension’s but it didn’t happen so I always tell myself that my first Chinese concert ever better be worthy enough to fill in the gap left by Tension.

Years after years, I didn’t feel compelled to buy any Chinese concert ticket until I learned that Stefanie Sun was coming to town. I grew up listening to her music and her concert was definitely worthy to be my first Chinese concert experience. Continue reading My First Chinese Concert Experience: Stefanie Sun