3D Scan at Sonovision, Petaling Jaya

We actually went for a 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and VR scan at Sonovision but that’s too long for a title, isn’t it? And what are all these many dimensional scans? I only knew about 3D scan before I come across this sonography package on Fave. In fact, I only needed a 3D scan but decided to splurge on the Fave deal anyway as it seemed interesting. Most importantly, I really wanted RK to finally see the baby for the first time at Week 29 (Month 7)!

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First Trimester Pregnancy Journal

I’ve procrastinated too long to blog about a couple of major milestones: proposal, ROM, wedding and honeymoon (if you see no hyperlink for the event, it means I still haven’t blog. LOL). So let’s get the ball rolling on this pregnancy with my first trimester pregnancy journal (before I give up on myself)!

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Stand Up Paddling (SUP) in Shah Alam

I first learned about stand up paddling from social media of people living overseas. At the moment, I thought, “Wow that looks cool and seems like an easy and fun activity to do!” It was almost seven months ago when I had my first experience trying stand up paddling at a tranquil lake in Shah Alam and I still miss the experience — thus writing this down the memory lane.

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Talking Life with Mei Sze Facebook Live: Cancer and Fertility

Over the weekend, I mustered a lot of courage to do a Facebook Live chat with Mei Sze about cancer and fertility. It’s a difficult topic to talk about in public because infertility insecurity has been my biggest issue since my cancer diagnosis four years ago. At that point in time, I didn’t know if I wanted to have my own children yet but very quickly after learned that it’s one experience I’d be most curious about if I end up kicking the bucket at 25 from cancer.

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Hiking at Taman Tugu During RMCO June 2020

If you’re new to hiking and would like to start easy within the Klang Valley, I’d definitely recommend Taman Tugu. It’s a forest park with well-maintained trails and minimal elevation, suitable for families with young kids! The trail is also the prettiest in my book so it’s a treat for your eyes too.

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COVID-19 Vs Cancer

While watching a COVID-19 press conference by the Prime Minister a few weeks back, he was describing the new way of life and I told RK, “new normal”. Minutes later, he used the word “new normal”. And I gasped. Then something clicked in my brain. This COVID-19 is sounding more like cancer, the more I think about it.

Note: I’m gonna be inserting satire cancer memes from @thecancerpatient.

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Food I Avoid After Colon Cancer

This COVID-19 lockdown has forced me to cook at home more than ever. And unfortunately, I haven’t learn to embrace the joy of cooking yet. My bestfriend even asked me to watch Julie & Julia after hearing about my lack of enthusiasm for cooking. (Nice movie, btw!) But unlike Julia who learned to cook because she loved her husband and loved to eat, I don’t enjoy eating. LOL. I guess that’s one enlightenment I got from the movie. I don’t like cooking because I don’t like eating. Hahaha.

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5 Things I’m Thankful for During MCO

Three months ago when I welcomed 2020, I knew I’d be going into unemployment soon because I’ve decided to take a career break. When March came, I excitedly started my “housewife” life, not knowing that just two weeks in, a lot of people would be staying home like (and unlike) me.

This Movement Control Order (MCO) that started in mid-March caused turbulence in everyone’s lives. No one is spared — young, old, rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy, employed, unemployed, self-employed, etc.

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RK ♥️ Staci – ROM at Thean Hou Temple – March 2019

Is it too late to only blog about my ROM (Registration of Marriage), one year after it happened? 😂

After RK proposed in July 2018, we didn’t start planning for our ROM and wedding until Jan 2019. We were putting off the planning because we initially wanted to wait for his sister to tie the knot first. But plan changed and we decided to get the work going come the new year.

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