Hiking at Bukit Kiara, TTDI – Dec 2019

I’ve been to Bukit Kiara many times but mostly took the nicely paved gravel road walking track from Changkat Abang Haji Openg road, not because I prefer it but because I couldn’t figure out the dirt tracks. I find the track confusing as there’s no signage. And the maps that I find online are not of much help either.

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How I Handicapped Both My Arms for 72 Hours

So I went bouldering (wall climbing) for the first time over the weekend and learned a great deal about my body: my muscles are really weak.

I mean…it’s nothing new, right? But I think nobody expected me to be handicapped for three days and having to stay away from work for three days after some not impressive attempt at bouldering. I didn’t even try that hard to begin with!

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HIIT Boxing at LiquidCage with Young Survivors Group

I’ve seen Instagram posts of this pretty-looking boxing gym: LiquidCage Boutique Gym. I’ve never given much thought how the gym would work until I was briefed that it’s a HIIT session. I initially thought I could punch and fight my friends πŸ˜…. Even then, I was still quite clueless until the class started.

You know you’re in for an intense fitness class when you’re given Red Bull prior to class… I typically avoid carbonated drink but I knew I’d be working out hard so I cancelled the guilt and accepted the drink. Continue reading HIIT Boxing at LiquidCage with Young Survivors Group

Why I Started Iyengar Yoga

I did something I’ve never done in a long time over the weekend: qi gong. Because I’ve been doing something I’ve never done in the past before: yoga.

During my cancer treatment days, I used to do qi gong quite regularly as it helped me with my treatment side effects. Plus, qi gong made me feel better emotionally as well that it has become a comfort exercise. However, it’s just hard to keep up because the daily practice is at 5.45am at the stadium! And I find it hard to do it myself at later hours so I don’t think I ever did it in 2018 until recently.

In place of qi gong, I’ve been exploring yoga; iyengar yoga with Treyoga to be specific. Honestly, I haven’t studied yoga at all so I don’t know the different types of yoga. I just want to note down why I’ve started doing yoga. Continue reading Why I Started Iyengar Yoga

Bukit Kembara Hiking Dec 2017

Interestingly, the first time I heard about hiking at Bukit Kembara was from a petition to save the Bukit Kembara hiking trail. In Aug and Oct 2017, fences were built to block off access to the trail. You can read the news here and here. I’m not familiar with the fencing of the place so let me just tell you about my hiking experience there in Dec 2017.

It was a weekday public holiday and my friend wanted to hike Bukit Kembara after seeing another friend hike there. I jumped on the opportunity to explore because let’s be honest, it’s not very motivating to drive from Klang to Ampang (~50km) for a hike early in the morning by myself.

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Solo Hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail Jan 2018

My first hike of 2018 turned out to be an impromptu solo hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail. I’ve travelled solo to Taiwan last year April and kinda hiked solo to arrive at a shrine. However, it wasn’t like a 4.5km hike that I had today. Continue reading Solo Hike at Setia Alam Community Hiking Trail Jan 2018

Hulu Tamu Hot Spring at Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor

About a week ago, I saw a friend posting about a hot spring retreat an hour away from KL. That perhaps lingered in my mind. After one of my consecutive long work days, I just felt like soaking myself in a hot spring. The search began for an overnight trip to a hot spring resort but rooms were full so we settled for a public hot spring in Batang Kali: Hulu Tamu Hot Spring.

Honestly, I’ve never heard of this hot spring until it appeared on Lipstiq as one of the 10 hot springs in Malaysia. Surprisingly, RK said he’s heard of the place and thus I researched further.Β  Continue reading Hulu Tamu Hot Spring at Batang Kali, Hulu Selangor

6 Reasons I Like Qi Gong

Today was one of the rarest days where I practised qi gong by myself. Not as rare as practising with the Infinite Youth Qi Gong community at 5.30am but rare enough. Today’s reason for doing qi gong was because I fell sick. Succumbed to a cold bug in lightning speed, signaling me that my immune system is probably very lousy these days.

That aside, practising qi gong today made me recall why I like qi gong. Continue reading 6 Reasons I Like Qi Gong

Bukit Dinding Hiking Oct 2017

I created a list of easy hiking trails in Klang Valley that I wanted to go at the beginning of the year. Bukit Dinding hiking trail was the only unchecked one on the list until one fine Sunday!

According to online sources, Bukit Dinding is one of the tallest hills in Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know how true it is but being one of the tallest doesn’t seem to earn it any popularity. Continue reading Bukit Dinding Hiking Oct 2017

Best of Color Run Malaysia

A man walked into the restaurant where I was having breakfast this morning. He looked sunburned, with odd red pathes on his face and arms. Odd. I told myself. On a second glance, noticed that his hair covered in colorful powder. Ah. It’s the Color Run!

In 2014 when Color Run first came to Malaysia, I attended the event too, thanks to free tickets won from CIMB. I don’t join marathons. I don’t run. So if not for the free tickets and hype about being the happiest run on planet filled with color, I wouldn’t have bothered. 3 years later, Color Run remains the only fun run I’ve ever joined to date. Continue reading Best of Color Run Malaysia