Breaking and Fixing IKEA Bed Frame

Have you seen the 10 years product quality guarantee claim and demonstration when you visit an IKEA store? Some products even have 25 years guarantee. That’s impressive and leaves an impression right? RK’s brain innocently registered that all IKEA big items come with guarantee and (mis)educated me too. This led us to think that we’d get a new bed frame when he broke it today. Continue reading Breaking and Fixing IKEA Bed Frame

My Favourite Online Shopping Sites Under ShopBack

Have you heard about ShopBack? I don’t remember how I first came across the site but I remember telling friends and family about it years back and everyone has been delightfully sticking to the site when it comes to online shopping. Me included.

If you’ve never heard of ShopBack, it’s a site that offers cashback when you shop online via its referral link. Yes, just click to the site you want to shop on from ShopBack’s link and you get cashback for purchases made!

It’s legit. It’s been around for a couple of years now. I’ve cashed out from the site without a fuss. It’s very simple to use. You just have to remember using it whenever you shop from online stores listed on ShopBack.

There are over 300 online stores listed under ShopBack and here are my favorites. Let’s see if you shop on the same sites.  Continue reading My Favourite Online Shopping Sites Under ShopBack

Cheap and Pretty DIY Temporary Tattoo

I didn’t think I would blog about the temporary tattoo that I got 2 days ago, until I got 2 inquiries within 1 hour on where to get a temporary tattoo (in my case, a sticker tattoo). I typically don’t get people asking where I buy my stuff so this deserves a blog post.

My sister came back from Jonker Street, Malacca with a new tattoo on her wrist. We’re not the type to get real tattoo so it was definitely a temporary tattoo. I thought it was an airbrush tattoo from her company event. Surprised to find out it’s a DIY sticker tattoo that she stuck on herself. Continue reading Cheap and Pretty DIY Temporary Tattoo

Augmented Reality Robot Book Present for Birthday Boy

I don’t remember if I ever bought any present for a birthday boy aged 9 in my adulthood. RK and I first went into Toys R Us but found it hard to pick anything. Since the birthday boy likes books, we went into Popular next and stumbled upon this awesome gift choice for boys: iRobot by Carlton Books. Continue reading Augmented Reality Robot Book Present for Birthday Boy

Wagyu Steak at Tamaruya, Isetan The Japan Store

RK has expensive taste buds and loves to splurge. He loves steaks and doesn’t mind paying for good food. I am the total opposite. I am the most comfortable in mamak settings and crave for all the cheap eats. We’re excited to say that we may have found a place that makes both of us happy! Continue reading Wagyu Steak at Tamaruya, Isetan The Japan Store

My Personal Expense in 2015

Do you know where your money go? I kinda know where my money go because when I graduated college, I was like “Oh no. No more allowance. Will I have enough every month?” I remember during that period, personal financial management was a hot topic among my peers as we embarked on this new journey. We started off with how to do budgeting and in order to stay within budget, a few of us frantically recorded our expenses every day.

So I did that with the help of a mobile app (I use Expense Manager by Bishinews) every single day for quite some time. I get lazy from time to time and probably miss out more transactions as days pass but at least I have some clue of where my money go; and touch wood, I haven’t need to borrow money from anyone yet to make ends meet even during this Big-C treatment journey. Continue reading My Personal Expense in 2015

What Religion Means to Me

I caught up with a friend who came back for holiday from her medical school in UK. Since my cancer diagnosis, she has been very supportive as a high school friend who is now very equipped with medical knowledge to help me in times of needs.

She told me about her medical incidences when she was alone in UK and how her new religion helped her to miraculously heal her in two instances. This made me think about religion and what it means to me. Continue reading What Religion Means to Me