MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 #worldstagemy

Out of nowhere, Teressa texted me and said she won tickets to MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015. She got the tickets by participating in their online contest for countless times until she got chosen as one of the lucky winners. Whoa.

I quickly checked out the event details and realized I was familiar with Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen only. I didn’t really know her other songs because I’m just not cool like that.

But I went anyway just for the fun of it!

MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015 at Sunway Lagoon
Teressa and me at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015!

Gate opened at 4.30pm. We started queuing at about 5.30pm after an early dinner at Sunway Pyramid. The queue was so long we started queuing at the parking lot! I should have tracked how far we queued..

Queue at Sunway Pyramid parking lot for concert
Here’s a photo with another friend, Kayel, at the parking lot. Look at the queue!

We got past the MTV World Stage entrance at Sunway Lagoon about 1.5 hour later. As we went in, one staff exclaimed, “Crazy ah? So many people still but it’s 7pm already!”; event was supposed to start at 7.30pm. Another staff asked, “Why is the queue never ending?!” Good that they noticed. The queue was way longer at 7pm than at 5.30pm.

We were holding normal tickets so we were supposed to be in the furthest zone from the stage together with thousands of other people. We decided to just stay away from that crowd and instead settled in front of the furthest projector screen.

at MTV World Stage concert
With the gang. See how far we were from the stage. We weren’t planning to watch the stage from this far of course. Projector screen will do for us!

Other than the fact that so many people kept walking past us, that spot was very comfortable for me. Right next to the XPAX Go Life zone, we enjoyed the breeze from their gigantic fan, the scented air from their vapes and temptation from their free flow food and drinks. Haha.

OnePlus One at night concert
One of the things that the projector screen can’t capture was the stage lighting. Cool lighting effect captured by my OnePlus One phone. #nofilter
concert at surf beach, Sunway Lagoon
We could sit down like them if we wanted to! Everyone here was watching the projector screen. So many more were at the back, sitting on the sand. It’s a surf beach concert anyway. LOL.

Not counting Stacy from AF, the first act was Sekai No Owari. I’ve heard Dragon Night on radio before but was not aware of the band until MTV World Stage. I must say they were very interesting. I even YouTubed and Spotified them post-concert because Dragon Night was stuck in my head.

Sekai No Owari at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015
A few things that amused me: the lead singer wearing fur coat (prior to this photo), the clown, and the band’s visual and audio performance. (PC:

The second act was Apink. Why was I surprised that there were so many KPOP fans in the house? The crowd could actually sing with them in Korean! And a sizable amount of them left the “rock zone” when Apink was done… Super hardcore?

Apink at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015
As usual, the KPOP dance mesmerized everyone. Apink was so well-versed with their dance routine that one of them effortlessly kicked away a giant ball rolling her way. (PC:

The next artist was Carly Rae Jepsen. I loved it that she was very comfortable on stage. Didn’t need anything fancy or scripted interaction with the crowd. Just good vocal and sense of belonging on stage.

Carly Rae Jepson at MTV World Stage Malaysia 2015
Carly Rae Jepsen charming the crowd with her lovely live performance. Sounded just like her recordings. (PC:

The final act was Jason Derulo but we didn’t stay for that because Teressa was actually only interested with Apink. LOL.

And so we left at about 10.30pm after a night of good company and good music. It was Teressa’s first concert experience and she left saying she wants to get to the rock zone near the stage next time. That’s gonna be even more thrilling.

OOTD for concert
This was my #worldstagemy OOTD. Romper, backpack and shoes.
Took a selfie with Kayel nearer to the stage before we went back to our comfort zone.
win MTV World Stage passes
And lastly, with the excited Teressa. Thanks for the passes (though you were supposed to be doing your assignment when you won the passes)!

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