Ice Skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice 2015

During college years, ice skating occasionally popped up as after-class activity because it’s fun and it’s accessible at Sunway Pyramid that’s just 15 minutes away from college. Somehow, it’s not a thing anymore upon leaving college and I thought it’d be interesting to do ice skating at Sunway Pyramid Ice as fitness activity with friends this weekend.

group ice skating
The gang in our skating shoes at Sunway Pyramid Ice.

I actually have Buy 1 Free 1 promo voucher for Sunway Pyramid Ice but it’s not applicable because school holiday has started! This also means that the ice rink would be crowded!

There’s a newer and bigger ice rink at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya but in the end we still went to the one at Sunway because it’s nearer, it costs the same and we were ready to be there before the crowd builds up.

At 9am, we arrived at the ice skating rink. There were people (mostly kids) who were having classes. But there were also a few people who were waiting for the ice rink to open for public skating. We were the oldest at that point. And the most noob as well. Oops.

ice skating beginner
Tadah~ Us by the walls early in the morning when the ice rink was pretty empty.
ice skating seal for rent
How adorable is this?! This seal is available for rent to help beginners skate. It looks really useful as a good and cute support.

Being early meant that we had the space to stick to the side rails and skate as slowly as we wanted. Being early also meant that the ice rink was at its best condition. The only con I can think of is that we were the only ones by the rails while the other skater students were twirling around on one leg. Hehe.

We actually YouTube-d for ice skating tutorial the night before but we couldn’t do the moves! At that point, the ice skating academy promotion just seemed so tempting. RM150 for 6 lessons. Just teach me already!

girls ice skating
Stamabali on the ice rink. Photo was taken about 2 hours into the session. Hehe.

I used to roller skate a lot as a kid so I had my basic instincts in ice skating. Moving my legs and pushing myself forward on those skates was comforting as it reminded me of childhood. But the idea of falling on slippery ice just made me so conscious of every move I made. Was totally jealous of this 3-year-old girl who was just swirling around effortlessly the whole time we were there. Not being afraid is a bliss.

Ice skating was definitely a fitness activity. Our legs and bodies were sore after a an hour or two. I don’t mind going to ice rink as a recreational activity, as long as I arrive early to avoid the crowd. It’s scary to skate when you’re not good at it. It’s scarier to skate when there are so many people around!

colourful lockers
Here’s a random photo of the locker at Sunway Pyramid Ice. Took this photo because the locker looked pretty.
weekend ice rink
Here’s a photo of the ice rink after lunch hour. Check out the wall. Even if you are comfortable to skate away from the wall, there are a lot of people to watch out for.

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