Short Trip to Singapore Jan 2016 – Food We Ate

I didn’t go to work on the first working day of 2016! I took leave and was at Singapore for a one-night trip with RK. Hehe. He was there for business purpose and I tagged along for a short trip to places I’ve never visited before and for a food trip to taste food I’ve never tried before. Even though it was a short trip to Singapore, it was a good one nevertheless =)

We started the drive down to Singapore from Subang at 5am I believe. We arrived at Singapore custom by 9am and started our day with food hunt based on the recommendations of his colleagues in Singapore. Let’s talk about the food that I’ve eaten during the trip in this post and leave the travel for another post.


For breakfast, we opted for dim sum at Imperial Treasures Nan Bei Restaurant. There were about 5 of us and we ordered to taste because RK and I were planning to hunt for more food after breakfast. My verdict of the dim sum? Great! I still miss the porridge till now. Yums.

imperial treasures nan bei singapore
My favourites are in bigger grid. LOL. Porridge was the bomb.

One of my favourite places in Singapore has always been Orchard Road during Christmas because of the elaborated Christmas decorations. And one of my fondest memories of Orchard Road Singapore was eating sandwich ice cream by the street. I can’t believe RK has never tried it!

orchard road sandwich ice cream
This is not from the famous stall but fun enough! I chose peppermint chocolate for ice cream. Yums.

We walked around for a long time before we had late lunch at my favourite kopitiam: Ya Kun Kaya Toast! Loveeee the toast there seriously. When we were there, we shared a table with a pair of Singaporean aunties. One of them started offering us their food because we looked so hungry and skinny. Erm. Ok. Hehe..

ya kun kaya toast
Tried their French toast for the first time. Interesting. I should try making one day.

By the time we were done with Ya Kun, it was almost time for us to travel elsewhere to meet RK’s colleagues for dinner at iSteaks Grillhouse. RK has always raved about steak in Singapore. He always mentioned that a normal restaurant can serve steak better than steakhouses in KL and so we were there to have his value-for-money and delicious wagyu steak.

isteak singapore
I was craving for fish and chips that RK was raving about so I had that while he had his steak. His colleague had ribs as well.

Another rave that RK has is rum and raisin llaollao. Before llaollao came to Malaysia, he has been raving about it and now that llaollao is here, he still insists on the rum and raisin in Singapore. But, it was not available when we went. Sad…

llao llao singapore
Nevertheless, it was my first llaollao and I liked it.

For breakfast the next morning, we had bread from BreadTalk because apparently pork floss bun was a thing in Singapore. I didn’t take any photo but the bun was really good; very soft and flavorful. Yums.

For lunch, we went for Poulet that seriously served amazing french roast chicken as per their tagline. It was amazing. The best roast chicken I’ve ever tasted. I’m even salivating as I write about it.

poulet roast chicken
I had some cream-based sauce with my roast chicken. Had half chicken by myself. I almost finished the portion. No kidding.

RK’s colleague and RK himself insisted to drop by this Hong Kong eatery, Wan Chai HongKong Tea Room, for french toast. Oh yes, it was yummy.

french toast singapore
RK ordered red bean tau fu fah as well but I was not a fan because they inserted mandarin peel.
koi signature macchiato
Also grabbed a cup of Koi Signature Macchiato. It was brilliant, especially the first few sips when the cream and the tea mixed perfectly.
currypuff old chang kee
I was greedy enough to grab a chili crab currypuff from Old Chang Kee for takeaway on the way back Malaysia. It was interesting.

Ah. Why do I have to update about the food in Singapore when I’m still on strict diet due to my operation recovery? Seriously, good food trip! Can’t wait to explore more food goodies in Singapore when my diet is less strict. Yums!

Will update about the places I visited during this 2-day trip to Singapore soon.

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