#sharestrength – Chemotherapy #7

After a week of delay, I started my 7th cycle of FOLFOX chemotherapy on a Tuesday, completed the cycle on Thursday, received a white blood cell booster injection on Thursday at the hospital and received another white blood cell booster injection on Friday at a clinic.

chemo port bandage
Finally wore another different set of outfit for my chemo? This outfit wasn’t very convenient though. The collar opening is too big, exposing my gigantic chemo port bandage.
MBG juice
After my chemo that day, I went to my sister’s office nearby to wait for her to fetch my mom and I home while sipping a cup of juice from MBG.

In terms of the side effects, surprisingly, I didn’t experience any jaw pain, finger cramp,  eye pain and itchy palm. I hope they’re gone for good. The side effects that I had this round was severe constipation and weird sensation in the tongue only. I didn’t get the diarrhea spurts and frustrating heat rash this round. I wished I have the diarrhea spurts though because I find constipation worse than diarrhea spurts.

I was so constipated that I just refused to go to work on the Tuesday after chemo. I didn’t want to work from home too. I just wanted to be stress-free and focus on going to the toilet the whole day. Thankfully, I went to the toilet a couple of times that day but it didn’t stop me from worrying about an abdomen/pelvic pain I experienced.

Since my 5th chemotherapy cycle, I started to feel mild pain at my lower abdomen/pelvic. Oncologist didn’t think it’s a side effect of chemotherapy and thus I checked with my surgeon instead to see if it’s a side effect from the surgery or something else because it had intensified significantly during my severe constipation.

It turned out that I have internal injury. My abdomen area is still weak from the open surgery done in end Jan 2016. I probably injured myself during my hike at Setia Alam, carried heavy things or tried to poop too hard when I was constipated. Oh well. Now I have to be more graceful and be on daily constipation med so that I don’t worsen the injury and hope it recovers in 2 months. If it gets serious, I will need a surgery to fix it. Noooo.

After meeting the surgeon at Sime Darby Medical Center.

Another incident that happened during this round of chemotherapy was the side effect of the two white blood cell booster I got post chemo. Oh man! It made my body ache like mad. It felt like my entire back was bruised (it’s not). I just didn’t want to move. I felt so tired and it lasted for about 48 hours. Huhu. I don’t like the booster injection.

Not forgetting, I went to a clinic in Klang to get my second booster jab on Friday because I didn’t want to travel 20+km to UMSC just for the injection. The nurse told me they could teach me to inject the drug myself but no way… I never look at the stringe during any injection because I’m afraid so there’s no way I can do the injection myself.

So at the clinic, the doctor gave me an unforgettable experience. Firstly, he couldn’t really process the fact that he’s seeing a young colon cancer patient. Secondly, he was so stressed up about giving me the injection because he has never done it before. I nervously asked him if he’s sure he wanna give me the injection and if he can figure out how to give me the injection.

Anyway, he gave me the injection and charged me RM20 for the service; I brought the drug package myself from UMSC. I’d not forget the way he injected me also. FYI, this injection is painful. I normally get it at the fatty layer of my tummy. When injected, it feels like someone is pinching me hard with sharp fingernails. This doctor however, have overpowered the injection pain with his pinching on my tummy to get hold of the fatty layers. I didn’t even know when he injected the drug because his pinch was so painful! Ouch…

So that’s the story of my 7th chemotherapy cycle. I’ve done the blood test for my 8th cycle and thankfully, the doctor let me pass! My platelets and white blood cell count were borderline so he’s giving me the booster injections again. I definitely pouted when he prescribed it to me. Anyway, he expects the next chemotherapy to be delayed based on my recent progress so let’s continue to rest more and be less active for the next 3 months 😕

birthday cake fruity
Went out for lunch with Teressa for her birthday on Day 2 of chemotherapy. Was that the first time I go out for social with friend during my chemotherapy? =O
taman rakyat klang walk
Went for a walk at Taman Rakyat too for some fresh air. I wake up so late these day I’m barely doing my qi gong. I should feel guilty.
selfie in the car
Washed my hair that morning before work. I thought I looked quite fresh. Plus, my hair wasn’t a wreck. Another good news is that I have noticed hair fall has reduced. Maybe I have less hair to fall — that’s why.
herbal tea mug
Was concerned for my blood test on Monday so I had a chillax weekend. Maybe this has helped with the platelets and white blood cells count. Doctor said to rest more ma.
RK birthday celebration at Ploy Damansara
One of the social activity that got a priority or exception from my chillax weekend was RK’s birthday dinner with my friends. Somehow he looked happier with the cake than a photo with me. Hmph.

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