#sharestrength – Chemotherapy #8

I spent a long time (maybe an hour or more) with my oncologist during my first consultation before deciding on doing chemotherapy. But that’s only once. Ever since then, I may have held the record for the shortest consultation among the other patients, pretty much every round of chemotherapy.

I think chemo hasn’t started yet because I see no tube in this pic. Anyway, it was taken on chemo day regardless.

Here’s kinda what I told my doctor about my 8th cycle…


“I felt really really tired — unlike before. My body was sore and I didn’t feel like getting out of bed. When I went back to work after my MC, I got home feeling like I went for a hike. I was so tired.”

“I got my menstrual right after the chemo also. I thought I wouldn’t get it until I finish all my chemo treatments because it has been delayed for 2 weeks. But my menstrual came and it was flooding — it was quite shocking. Maybe that’s why I was so tired. I was on my menstrual.”

“I was feeling very oily too. Like super oily. I could feel the oil bursting out from my skin. Is it possible that it’s caused by hormonal change because I was on my menstrual? (I learned about this from my boss who shared about her oily days during pregnancy.)”

“Remember I was complaining about pain at my lower abdomen? I went back to my surgeon and he said I probably tore something. So I’m currently on daily constipation med so not to burden my abdomen more and worsen the injury.”

“I got 2 white blood cells boosters the week after my chemo. This time around, I didn’t get the body ache I got the last time.”

“Oh. My hair fall is starting to reduce already. I guess that’s good news.”

“I noticed that every time I do chemo, I get little bums, like rashes, all over my face, neck and chest. They get better a week after chemo. I’m guessing my body is heaty because of the chemo?”

“I have this weird sensation on my tongue. I don’t have appetite to eat.”

“That’s it. How’s my blood test result?”

*short chatters about my blood test result*

“And I need MC.”

“Thank you!”

It may seem lengthy but with my bullet train-like speech, I’d be done with this almost monologue within 5 minutes. Yeah, it’s almost a monologue because I kept making own inferences and comments as I told the doctors about my symptoms. Besides that, my oncologist Prof Dr Ho is a emphatic listener so he’d just hear me out, nod and acknowledge from time to time and give his few words whenever necessary.

I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t need long consultations. Things are looking normal and there’s not much concern, other than my low platelets and white blood cells post-chemo that has been delaying my chemo schedule.

Photos of me during the two weeks gap until the next chemo cycle:

Dinner after a day in the hospital. Looking tired probably because I was sleeping so much during chemo at hospital.
RK’s parents came over to KL so we brought the parents to check out the new house that we booked to buy. It was my first time visiting the showroom too.
We took the train from the new LRT extension station at Ara Damansara. It was a Saturday. The train was quite empty and it was freezing cold.
Team at work organized Raya makan-makan so I got to wear my new baju kurung! The first I own myself. Check out my hair. It’s so thin now. 
A photo at the hospital after my blood test for the next chemo cycle. Experienced my longest wait just to have my blood taken because it was right after Raya and the ward was understaffed. 

Till the next chemotherapy update!

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