World Vision Malaysia 2016 Annual Review

World Vision Malaysia’s 2016 Annual Review came in the mailbox today. Since I have been writing a bit about World Vision on my blog, let’s take a look at this annual report as well.

Taking this straight out of the report. Here are some achievements by World Vision Malaysia in 2016:

  • 57,074 children from 32 ADPs in 15 countries were sponsored by 43,912 kind-hearted Malaysians. 2016 new adoptions: 7,337 children.
  • 30,000 Malaysian youths participated in the 30-Hour Famine and raised RM2.4 million.
  • 545 Malaysian children and their families in Tulid Community Development Programme, Sabah benefited from improved quality of life.
  • 1,255 volunteers helped in administration, roadshows, fundraising and campaigns.
  • RM52 million were raised for the year.

In terms of financial management, World Vision continued to keep administrative expenditure under 20%; in fact, it was 14.12% only last year.

Source: World Vision Malaysia 2016 Annual Review.

In the same report, they also shared the following stories:

You can find the same report on their website at

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