Finding Beauty in Ordinary Things

I saw this wall when I was walking towards the train station this morning. When I saw it, I thought to myself, “Wow. This is beautiful.” Then when I was walking back from the train station in the evening, I was looking forward to walking past this wall again.

I took a photo of this beautiful wall because…why not?

As I continued my long walk towards my car, I remembered this observation I had some time back…

When I was in high school, I was a photographer for the school. Nothing professional. Just a point-and-shoot in my pocket pretty much every day so that I was ever ready to capture content for the school magazine.

I was constantly searching for stories to be captured. Even in everyday items, I sought to find an interesting angle and to make effort to frame my perspective so that I capture something that I’d like to look back at.

Little did I realize that it trained my brain to be constantly looking for beautiful and inspiring imagery. And I would like to credit that for my ability to find positivity in life today.

I didn’t realize it when I was taking photos almost daily in high school. I didn’t realize it after I dropped photography after high school. I only realized this when I avidly picked up photography again once in a blue moon.

I noticed I used to be able to find beautiful things around easier in the past than now. I then realized finding beautiful things is an acquired skill and requires practice.

I reckon finding positivity in life works the same.

So this is what I’d like to advocate if you’re finding it challenging to find positivity in life: Learn to photograph beautiful things and do this consistently to train your brain to seek beautiful things. Before you know it, your brain will be on overdrive to find beauty in ordinary things.

This is just my hypothesis though. Haha.

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