School Holiday Coleman Family Glamping near KL Mar 2018

I used to go camping when I was still in school and college. I spent most of my time on the internet looking for new places to explore and on sites like, from which I have learnt a lot about camping and its essentials. We’d go to a camping site, set up a tiny tent, squeeze 4 persons and our bags, and wake up with backache. I’ve never really missed camping since because why should I? Well, I may after my first glamping experience with Own The Weekend team and Coleman.

For those who are not familiar, here’s the definition of glamping on Google: “a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping”.

How luxurious you ask? Well, much more luxury than the camping I knew. No squeezing in a tent because they provided a 10-person tent for each family of four. The tent had 3 doors and a partition inside the tent. Adults can walk freely inside without bending down. That’s how huge and tall the tent was.

The tent was furnished with double and single airbeds, portable fan, portable lanterns, tables, chairs, recliner chair and more. The entire glamping gear was worth more than RM8,000! *gulp* I only had to pay RM30 for a tent and sleeping bag I rented in college so imagine the stark difference between the camping experience in my head and this one I was seeing over the weekend.

coleman 10-person tent
See what I meant?! The blue is a single airbed. The grey is a double height queen airbed. This 10-person tent has a partition inside.
The camping area had a bungalow, warehouse, huge field, a lake, a tiny stream, a farm and some livestock. The rooster became our alarm, which my friend asked me to “turn off”. LOL.
durian tree malaysia
Hello, durian tree! When will durian runtuh?

It was actually a 2D1N family camp organized in conjunction with the school holiday. It was a sold out event. There were at least 30 kids between 4 to 12 years old running around at this fenced residential estate 40 minutes away from KL city center.

I would say that it was a good school holiday activities for kids and family to experience the nature and outdoor. Most of the kids who attended that weekend were city kids who have never gone camping before. Actually, many of the parents have never gone camping themselves.

Thanks to this glamping weekend, many of them had a lot of first experiences: first time setting up a tent, first time sleeping in a tent, first time sleeping on an airbed, first time making popcorn over a grill, first time grilling marshmallows over bonfire, first time being woken up by a rooster, first time making waffles scratch and many more.

I’d let the photos do the talking.

workshop to set up own campsite
Nothing was assembled when the families arrived!
coleman camping wagon
The Glamp Master and Glampers (crew) gave step-by-step instruction to set up everything on the tarpaulin and in the wagon given to each family.
family camping
“This is the first time I set up a tent!” exclaimed a kid as he helped the family. The kids loved to hammer the pegs.
family camping klang valley
This little girl was so cute. She wanted to help with whatever. After carrying this chair, she grabbed chilled water stored in Coleman ice boxes on the field for the family.
Workshop for Giant Bubble Making
diy kids bubble wand
The kids were given materials to DIY bubble wands in various colours and shapes. They were taught how to make their own soap solution too.
kids giant bubble
The kids were given pre-prepared wands and solution for them to have fail-proof giant bubbles too. They went crazy!
kids foam party
It started drizzling a while during the bubble session. These kids managed to turn the leftover soap solution into a foam and had their own party under a shade. #winliao
BBQ Dinner Under Starlit Sky
coleman family camping bukit tinggi
Woohoo! BBQ dinner in glamping style meant we didn’t have to move a finger to start the fire! Or more like we were given the option to do the work or not.
coleman bbq pit
This family was trying to start the fire and set up the grill on their own upon guidance from the Glamp Master.
bbq dinner own the weekend camp
Anybody wants soup? First time drinking soup from such fancy set up, especially during camping session.
coleman popcorn bbq pit
Anybody wants popcorn? This looked so fun. The kernels were popping as the kids took turns to heat the kernels up.
bonfire grill marshmallow camp
Grilling marshmallow by the bonfire. So cool~~ Or more like so hot the kids were afraid to go near. Haha.
Sleep Time
coleman spacious tent
We were excited about occupying only half of our 4-person tent. In this photo, we tried to include the 2-in-1 fan and light that we hooked to our roof and the 2 single airbeds that we were sitting on. #excited #firsttimesleepingonairbed #firsttimesleepinginbigtent
We were excited~~~ Look at the tent~~~ So big~~~
We were snapping away after 11pm because why not? The light and tent looked pretty.
Workshop for Waffle Breakfast
coleman family camping morning exercise
Before the workshop, let’s warm up first!
coleman toast bread
Toast bread to fill the hungry tummy while waffles were being prepared. It was my first time seeing bread being toasted on a BBQ grill. Definitely, a first to see it has its own holder too.
water container coleman
Own The Weekend team prepared hand washing station prior to waffle making workshop as well for the kids and adults. Everything from Coleman. What doesn’t Coleman have?
waffle making workshop for kids
The kids were so interested to learn how to make waffles from scratch. The parents were paying attention too because they knew they’d do 70% of the work later. Haha.
coleman waffle maker
Look at the beautiful sun beam~ Loved it. The sunbeam was there throughout the waffle making workshop until the kids were done eating all their waffles.
camping wefie
We made French toast in a Coleman sandwich maker because the kids finished all the flour. LOL.
Free & Easy (aka Playtime for The Kids & Chillax Time for The Parents)
coleman family camping school holiday
If only everyone can sit back and eat in open air like this every day…
coleman sandbag throw game
Coleman prepared some games in the camping area for kids and parents to use. I played this too. It was fun. Can get competitive. LOL.
camping play area
This was the play area. There were blocks inside the tents. The kids looked really adorable when they zipped themselves in there for their play dates.
The boys loved football. Kept seeing them kick the ball around whenever they had the free time. Great socializing and bonding time, wasn’t it?

I’m nowhere near having a 4-year-old kid or two to bring to this family camp. But I’d definitely love to do that when I have.

In the meantime, I thought it’d be amazing to go glamping with friends once in a while too. My ideal itinerary would be to go waterfall hiking, river walking, fishing maybe, BBQ dinner, singing and storytelling over bonfire (beer is welcomed), sunrise yoga and waffle making (like the kids). Who wants to #owntheweekend with me if this is organized? 🙋

Reminder: Malaysia is hot. But I guess a lot of people don’t mind anyway because a handful asked me about the camping when I posted this photo.

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