3 Malaysian Bloggers That Reflect My Ideal Self

It’s Malaysia’s 14th General Election polling day today. Thanks to #undirabu, we’re all off work at the middle of the week. And I got some time to catch up online, especially on updates from a few online personalities I like!

While the entire nation is talking about who won our votes, let me tell you who won mine too! But my candidates are the bloggers that I caught up with today. Nothing political. Haha.

It started with this confession.

View the Instagram post that I shared here.

Then I realized that these online personalities that I am following actually influence, if not reflect, my tendencies in real life.

In no order of preference, let’s start with my first shoutout for the list of Malaysian female bloggers I adore.

Audrey Ooi aka fourfeetnine
audrey ooi fourfeetnine
She also blogs on: http://fourfeetnine.com/

I respect her for volunteering her time to be a PACA (Polling and Counting Agent) today. I first heard about PACA thanks to her involvement and I won’t be surprised if I appear as one of the PACAs for GEs to come because of her influence today. She would have made an impact just using her social media to talk about the election but she went many steps further to volunteer her time. #respect

Besides her electoral advocacy today, I find her strong for soldering through difficult pregnancies, and devoted for constantly acquiring knowledge to assume her role at home and in career.

Vivy Yusof aka Proudduck
proud duck vivy yusof
She also blogs on: http://www.proudduck.com/

OMG, I love her online personality. She’s such a girl next door online even though she lives a high life in real life. I love the way she talks, rants and rave about everyday girly stuff i.e. never-ending shopping obsessions, skyrocketing love for the other half, and being the parents’ little princess for life. She just seems so real and relatable, even though she lives a life many only can dream of.

I find her super smart; she’s a high achiever in school and has business empires under her belt to prove. She also seems to be really positive, striding around with constant giggles despite her crazy schedule.

Joyce Wong aka Joycethefairy
She also blogs on: http://www.kinkybluefairy.net/

Honestly, I only started following her when her chemistry with her ex-boyfriend, Jun, captured my attention. I was totally rooting for them and loved seeing them together. However, I understand it’s not my business at all really 😂. In fact, I realized I actually also admire her (without Jun) through her breakup process. It’s hard for me to digest the breakup process but it’s also crazily enriching.

To be, she’s very conscious of her emotional wellbeing in a nurturing way; she’s always reflecting and moving forward. I also like that she loves life. She knows how to enjoy and celebrate life.

I feel I get a better glimpse of the type of person I aspire to be when I look at the list of online personalities I follow; strong, fun, positive.

I know that they may not be the same in real life but I’d continue to be their fangirl online for as long as I find them relevant. Hope they don’t stop blogging for a long time to go!

Who are the online personalities that you love?

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