How I Spent 6 Hours in Hospital for a 10-Min Oncologist Consultation

Today’s post is gonna be kind of a rant post to try to explain why I need a full day MC for my quarterly oncologist visit (everytime) even when there’s nothing for us to discuss, really.

You see. I just met my oncologist 7 weeks ago for an unscheduled visit due to my CT scan false alarm. Even though I wasn’t expecting to be walking in and out of the hospital within an hour (because blood test needs two hours to process anyway), I didn’t think I’d spend 6 hours in the hospital last Friday.

Let’s begin.

Hot chocolate from Gloria Jean’s to start the day!
  • 8.30am Left home
  • 9.30am Took queue number to register at Menara Timur
  • 9.45am Got called to the registration counter and failed to complete credit card transaction after 3 attempts
  • 10.00am Cashed out at ATM machine at building next DOOR (KPKK)
  • 10.15am Completed registration at Menara Timur
  • 10.30am Had my blood drawn
  • 10.35am Filled up my drug study diary
  • 10.50am Had my weight taken
  • 10.55am Met doctor’s assistant and had my blood pressure taken
Hi, low BP. We see each other again.
  • 11.05am Hunted for gynecology clinic to enquire about HPV vaccination at KPKK
Trust me, it was a hunt. The clinic is so secluded.
  • 11.30am Tried and failed to schedule PET scan appointment at Menara Selatan
  • 11.50am Bought and ate waffle
  • 12.05pm Went back to Menara Timur to check in with doctor’s assistant on my blood test result
  • 12.10pm Registered myself at UMSC daycare ward
  • 12.25pm Had my chemo port flushed
  • 12.45pm Paid for my chemo port flushing
  • 1.00pm Met doctor’s assistant and on standby to meet doctor
  • 1.50pm Walked into doctor’s room but doctor walked out
Selfie in doctor clinic because he was not in the room.
  • 2.05pm Chatted with doctor about my failed PET scan appointment and doctor shared with me about voluntary opportunity with an NGO he supports after we both glanced at my perfect blood test result
  • 2.20pm Collected my new batch of drug for research purpose
  • 2.30pm Took queue number to make PET scan appointment at Menara Selatan
  • 2.50pm Failed to get PET scan appointment again and asked staff to call doctor for clarification
  • 3.10pm Got called into a room for PET scan consultation
  • 3.30pm Finally done!

RK joined me at about 2pm to lunch together. He ended up falling asleep at the hospital while waiting but still no lunch. We grabbed breads when we walked back to KPKK, where our cars were and left the building at 4pm during Ramadan peak hour in pouring rain and flooded streets.

And this is how I always end up spending 6 hours in the hospital for a 15-min (or less) catch up with my oncologist. I’m not sure if the waiting or the walking exhaust me more. I suspect it’s the former so this last visit was still alright because I was busy walking around so much.

For the record, I acknowledge that this is a blessing indeed to be able to talk about nothing with the doctor. Especially because my Jan consultation was pretty scary for me.

See you in 3 months, doctor!

Ending the post with my blood test result.

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