RK + Staci Couple Bucket List (By Our Wedding Guests)

When I was scouting for our wedding guest activities, I knew I wanted to do jenga guestbook and kissing menu when I saw the ideas. But I struggled with the third activity and only half-heartedly settled for “couple bucket list” — just because I already bought a jar that I had to fill up.

wedding guest activity couple bucket list
Idea from Pinterest. Got my sister to prepare the instruction last minute.

Oh man. I was in for a surprise when I saw the content after the wedding.

Some were hilarious! We could see our personalities in a few of them but mostly our friends’ personalities in the things they wrote. Not everyone wrote their names on their bucket list submission but we could tell. 😂

There are a few though that I need to reject because they are either impossible, illegal or we’ve already failed…or that we simply won’t do. Haha. See it for yourself.

  • Bungee jump from a plane
  • Celebrate New Year 2020 @ Las Vegas and Sydney
  • Twins, please!
  • Donate RM1,000,000 to (guest) – Bitcoin/Amex/PayPal accepted
  • Have sex in public
  • Have sex every night
  • Couple selfie every day

During the wedding, we said that we’d try to complete the bucket list during our lifetime together so I think it’d be a good start to list them down first. I’d need a list to track our progress!

  1. ☑️ Skydiving (March 2019)
  2. ☑️ Please travel more and fight more (always)
  3. A camping trip: cooking your own food and enjoying the night sky together from the tent
  4. Couple bungee jump
  5. Buy 4013 Toto number
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Book a private onsen in Japan
  8. Go & give/celebrate/sponsor the need & poor
  9. Dive together
  10. Come visit (guest) in UK
  11. Please bring (guests) when you both are planing for any island trip~
  12. Organize basketball activities together
  13. Do social dancing
  14. Bring (guests) to JumpStreet
  15. Find a random person and say “I Love You” and video it. Must send to (guest)
  16. Go to Switzerland and take the Glacier Express
  17. Go and see Northern Light together
  18. Celebrate Christmas in Hokkaido. Go skiing.
  19. Cook for your daddy and mummy
  20. Go fishing

This last one is RK’s favourite but I’m very tempted to reject this….

couple bucket list dating idea

I thought this couple bucket list by our wedding guests turned out quite fun. For the least, RK and I had a good laugh going through all the submissions. And some of them can surely be good ideas for when we run out of date ideas.

Let’s see how long we take to complete the couple bucket list that our wedding guests built for us!

p/s There were more notes from the jar that were not bucket list but well wishes. One worthy of mention would be this one by RK’s 9-year-old nephew!

Transcript: I am Zhe Zhe. I hope Mr and Mrs Lee always be happy because if you always happy you can do what you want.

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