How I Handicapped Both My Arms for 72 Hours

So I went bouldering (wall climbing) for the first time over the weekend and learned a great deal about my body: my muscles are really weak.

I mean…it’s nothing new, right? But I think nobody expected me to be handicapped for three days and having to stay away from work for three days after some not impressive attempt at bouldering. I didn’t even try that hard to begin with!

Most of the time, I was busy taking photos of my monkey husband.

I had the usual muscle ache after bouldering. In fact, it’s more mild than expected. I guess that’s also the reason I did not notice how overexerted my muscles were.

I went through the rest of the day without a problem…until I tried opening the car door with my left hand and pulled my left forearm muscle. Ouch 😣.

Three seconds later, I attempted to open the same car door with my right hand and pulled my right upper arm muscle. Ouch! 😖

With both arms aching, I asked RK to help me open the car door and went home still in pain. I wanted to change out of my outfit when I pulled my right forearm muscle during the process. OMG ouch! 😩

At this point, it was already very painful that I refused to move a muscle anymore. Little did I expect that the pain persisted through the night to the point that I woke up a couple of times during the night, groaning in pain. Oh oh… My arm muscles couldn’t stop twitching! 😫

I started wondering if my pain threshold actually increased or decreased after going through the pain of cancer treatment just to benchmark. In between tears and groans, I decided this muscle spasm that lasted for hours on both my arms was more painful. I couldn’t even feel my arms anymore if that made sense. And I was praying real hard labor pain would not be that bad 😅 #stillbenchmarking.

Poor RK was woken up so many times by a wife screaming “save me~” and was forced to Google “pulled muscle remedy” at wee hour of the morning. He was also made to prepare ice pack, massage, compress and repeat a couple of times until it was finally 8am and I demanded to go to the clinic.

It was one of those rare moments when I wished the doctor had some injection to help me. He didn’t. But he did give me some muscle relaxant pill, anti inflammation pill and muscle patches to go home with. He also gave me MC and told me not to do anything that’d move my fingers. Erm…what?

That’s literally not lifting a finger aka do nothing aka #taitailife 😎. But of course, it’s not the type of tai tai life anyone wished for. I was temporarily handicapped.

I could not go to the toilet without pulling more muscles. I could not lift a single thing without screaming in pain. I could not open the door to save my life. I could not even bend my fingers to grab anything. And I surely learned which muscle is used for which action through the hard way 😭 #painfulbiologylesson.

72 hours have passed and I’m so glad my fingers are almost 70% functional now. I still shriek trying to flush the toilet or sneeze or open the door but I’m no longer handicapped! 🎉🎉🎉

Through this funny injury, I’m just so glad that RK still loved his bossy, dirty and fragile wife. For he was my arms for 72 hours 😍 #husbandgoals.

P/s Should have listened to my DNA profiling doctor who warned me against intense workout longer than 15 minutes. Apparently, it’s in my gene.

I still have 2 more sessions of bouldering. God bless me. And RK.

Homework before my next bouldering session.

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