#sharestrength – The Symptoms of My Colon Cancer

From the story of my colon cancer diagnosis, I think it’s easy to tell I didn’t suspect I had issue with my gastrointestinal at all before the checkup. This left me puzzled and so I kept searching for symptoms of colon cancer to see if I even exhibit any of the signs.

First of all, my maternal grandmother suffered colon cancer at old age. With that being the case, I have thought of my chance getting it at old age but not now when I’m 25 years younger than the age for the recommended regular colonoscopy.

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#sharestrength – The Diagnosis of My Colon Cancer

Let’s start the story with the diagnosis of my colon cancer. On 9 Jan 2016, I went to the GP for pre-employment medical check up; it’s part of the process of getting my confirmation for a job that I was already on for 6 months. During the check up, doctor noticed a mass at my left abdomen so he insisted me to meet a gastroenterologist. Continue reading #sharestrength – The Diagnosis of My Colon Cancer

Starting 2016 with The Big-C

This is going to be a big news for many (if not all). But I know that as hard as it is to break the news, it’s something that I want to share and raise awareness for. And I know I’d reap lots of benefits from this sharing too. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 24 years 8 months on 20 Jan 2016.

I’m writing this as I lie on the bed, recovering from my colon surgery on 26 Jan 2016. I was just discharged from the hospital yesterday on 3 Feb 2016. Continue reading Starting 2016 with The Big-C