Starting 2016 with The Big-C

This is going to be a big news for many (if not all). But I know that as hard as it is to break the news, it’s something that I want to share and raise awareness for. And I know I’d reap lots of benefits from this sharing too. I was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 24 years 8 months on 20 Jan 2016.

I’m writing this as I lie on the bed, recovering from my colon surgery on 26 Jan 2016. I was just discharged from the hospital yesterday on 3 Feb 2016.

Taking this selfie to show how well I am to be able to write this blog post.

My close family and friends are aware of this, even though not all know about the details, especially about the Big-C. How many people can digest the fact that colon cancer can happen at age 24, right?

When I thought about 2016, I had this little motivation to want to look good this year. Looking good from having healthier choices in food, having better lifestyle, becoming more self conscious and ultimately feeling good. I thought I wanted this now that I have a stable job and relationship. Little did I expect that I NEED to fulfill my resolution this year; it’s not a choice now unless I’m choosing devastation.

I expect myself to share a lot of details about the diagnosis, symptoms, pre-surgery preparations, post-surgery recovery, thoughts and feelings, etc. I’m inspired by’s #sharestrength and shall use that as the category tag for all posts related to my journey with colon cancer.

Fyi, I still haven’t get my surgery report and prospect for my condition as I’m writing this so it may turn real good or real bad along the way. Hope you’re as ready as I am to begin this adventure!

Much love. #sharestrength

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  1. I stumble upon your post ( few years late ) and want to tell you what a great and brave girl you are! It was touching to see it from the patient’s perspective as I am a physician. I will share your post with patients who are or will be going through a similar experience. Best wishes.

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