Hiking at Bukit Kiara, TTDI – Dec 2019

I’ve been to Bukit Kiara many times but mostly took the nicely paved gravel road walking track from Changkat Abang Haji Openg road, not because I prefer it but because I couldn’t figure out the dirt tracks. I find the track confusing as there’s no signage. And the maps that I find online are not of much help either.

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Bukit Kembara Hiking Dec 2017

Interestingly, the first time I heard about hiking at Bukit Kembara was from a petition to save the Bukit Kembara hiking trail. In Aug and Oct 2017, fences were built to block off access to the trail. You can read the news here and here. I’m not familiar with the fencing of the place so let me just tell you about my hiking experience there in Dec 2017.

It was a weekday public holiday and my friend wanted to hike Bukit Kembara after seeing another friend hike there. I jumped on the opportunity to explore because let’s be honest, it’s not very motivating to drive from Klang to Ampang (~50km) for a hike early in the morning by myself.

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Bukit Sapu Tangan, Shah Alam Hiking

If you were to search for hiking spot in Shah Alam, it’s likely that you’d find Bukit Sapu Tangan hiking trail at the top of the list. In fact, besides the emerging Setia Alam hiking trail, I don’t remember learning about other hiking spot in Shah Alam.

The thing about Bukit Sapu Tangan is that it’s located in Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam; this means that you have to pay for the botanical garden’s RM3/pax entrance fee and RM3/car parking fee. Most hiking trails are free to access so this is quite a bane, especially if you plan to make this a regular spot. Continue reading Bukit Sapu Tangan, Shah Alam Hiking

Bukit Wawasan, Puchong Hiking

I’m not gonna lie: My fitness level is lousy and I found hiking at Bukit Wawasan, Puchong challenging. To give context, this was my first hike in 5 months since my hike at Setia Alam, first hike since completion of treatment 3 weeks ago and second hike this year.

Prior to the hike when I read blogs and reviews about this hiking trail, I was under the impression that it’s an easy hike. I found it easier than Ah Pek Hill (which was a killer to me) but harder than any other hikes I’ve blogged about so far. Continue reading Bukit Wawasan, Puchong Hiking