My First Relay for Life Malaysia

I wondered why Relay for Life has to start at 6pm until 10am the next day. I think I understood over the weekend as I joined my first Relay for Life Malaysia as a young cancer survivor, a week before my 1st year anniversary since completing cancer treatment…

The anticipation for Relay for Life started to build up about 3 weeks before the event as 4 other young cancer survivors and myself gathered for our dance practice. We volunteered to represent the young cancer survivors for a dance performance. Continue reading My First Relay for Life Malaysia

Pros and Cons of Taking the Train to Work

It has been more than 4 months since I commute by train to work. To be specific, I take KTM from Klang to Subang Jaya, then swap to LRT at Subang Jaya to Asia Jaya. I leave my car at KTM station in Klang and walk to my office from Asia Jaya station. What are the pros and cons of taking the train to work? Continue reading Pros and Cons of Taking the Train to Work

Best of Color Run Malaysia

A man walked into the restaurant where I was having breakfast this morning. He looked sunburned, with odd red pathes on his face and arms. Odd. I told myself. On a second glance, noticed that his hair covered in colorful powder. Ah. It’s the Color Run!

In 2014 when Color Run first came to Malaysia, I attended the event too, thanks to free tickets won from CIMB. I don’t join marathons. I don’t run. So if not for the free tickets and hype about being the happiest run on planet filled with color, I wouldn’t have bothered. 3 years later, Color Run remains the only fun run I’ve ever joined to date. Continue reading Best of Color Run Malaysia

Breaking and Fixing IKEA Bed Frame

Have you seen the 10 years product quality guarantee claim and demonstration when you visit an IKEA store? Some products even have 25 years guarantee. That’s impressive and leaves an impression right? RK’s brain innocently registered that all IKEA big items come with guarantee and (mis)educated me too. This led us to think that we’d get a new bed frame when he broke it today. Continue reading Breaking and Fixing IKEA Bed Frame

Best of Malacca Weekend Trip With Friends

One of the long weekends in June, I went to Malacca in a group of 6-8 for a 3D2N trip. Two nights in Malacca? Really? Having been to Malacca at least 6 times in the past 10 years, many would wonder if I’d find anything interesting. Of course I did. In fact, the 3 days didn’t feel long at all.

#1 Play with Huskies at Huskitory

Continue reading Best of Malacca Weekend Trip With Friends

Sharing My Experience As World Vision Volunteer and 20th Anniversary Ambassador

End of last year, World Vision Malaysia invited me to join their 20th anniversary program as one of the 20 ambassadors. This group of ambassadors represented different people who have been pillars to World Vision’s work: child sponsors, corporate sponsors, volunteers, partners, etc.

If you go through the profiles of the other ambassadors, you’d definitely be impressed. Supporters for 20 years. Child sponsor for more than 10 years. Child sponsor for 150 children. Supporting celebrity for 10 years. Volunteer for 10 years. Continue reading Sharing My Experience As World Vision Volunteer and 20th Anniversary Ambassador

Qi Gong for Cancer Patients in Klang Valley

If I can only choose to recommend one thing to fellow new cancer patients who approach me for wellness advice, it would be to practise qi gong. This coming from a mid-20 city girl says quite a lot, doesn’t it?

When I first heard about doing qi gong every day at dawn from a TMC practitioner to complement my conventional cancer treatment, I was skeptical. Skeptical because qi gong sounded mythical — like something done by people who have reached nirvana or sort. Skeptical also because qi gong sounded old — indeed, the qi gong center I went were mostly people above 50. Moreover, who starts exercising in the stadium at 5.45am every day?!

I went anyway for my first class upon his recommendation. After all, when I first started, I was on a 6-week medical leave and I wasn’t sleeping well. Might as well check out this qi gong thing. Continue reading Qi Gong for Cancer Patients in Klang Valley

Shape Fitness Festival 2017

Tell me to sign up for a fitness membership and it’d take me forever to sign up, if ever. Tell me to sign up for fitness party or festival aka the type you don’t really need to know how to move to join, I’m in. Especially when it’s very affordable, like the RM30 ticket to Shape Fitness Festival 2017.

Farmers Union cow mascot
This cow mascot from Farmers Union was so adorable! He was following the activities from time to time too. Caught him doing body combat and I later bounced with him for Boomerang.

Actually, I wouldn’t join it alone even if it’s free so it was good that friends invited to participate together. Always good to have “wardens” to make sure I don’t ffk the sweat session. Continue reading Shape Fitness Festival 2017

My Favourite Online Shopping Sites Under ShopBack

Have you heard about¬†ShopBack? I don’t remember how I first came across the site but I remember telling friends and family about it years back and everyone has been delightfully sticking to the site when it comes to online shopping. Me included.

If you’ve never heard of ShopBack, it’s a site that offers cashback when you shop online via its referral link. Yes, just click to the site you want to shop on from ShopBack’s link and you get cashback for purchases made!

It’s legit. It’s been around for a couple of years now. I’ve cashed out from the site without a fuss. It’s very simple to use. You just have to remember using it whenever you shop from online stores listed on ShopBack.

There are over 300 online stores listed under ShopBack and here are my favorites. Let’s see if you shop on the same sites.¬† Continue reading My Favourite Online Shopping Sites Under ShopBack