Getting Warm Oil Back Massage at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care

I received two complimentary spa experience vouchers for Amante Nail Spa & Body Care from Matta. Three options were given: (1) foot massage for two; (2) warm oil back massage; and (3) bust massage treatment.

Business must be good at Amante because I had to call in to 3 outlets to finally get the service and the time slot that would work. I ended up going for warm oil back massage at their Puchong outlet with RK after work just now.

I wasn’t particularly excited about it because from my past experience, I found myself laughing at one moment and shrieking the next moment T_T Not sure if there was an improvement this round. I didn’t really feel ticklish. I felt relaxed at some point and painful other times. The worst moments were when I made Hulk faces to bear the pain and gave out a scream of shock and pain when the masseur placed a hot stone on my back without warning. I’m extra sensitive to heat so (ouch) it felt like I burned myself.

Nevertheless, I guess massage is good for the body. And I guess if I were to go for more massages, I’d be more comfortable with the pressures and pains. Plus, the masseur’s comment about my back definitely left a mark; she could tell that I tend to put pressure on one side of my body so I have to watch my posture. I don’t want to be an auntie complaining about my back in the near future T_T

Anyway, Amante center was pretty impressive. They have such a varied selection of services under one roof and the place looks good. Maybe I should try their other services next time.

Ginger tea after the massage session at Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
RK enjoying his (and my) ginger tea after the massage session. He surely enjoys life more than I do.

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