Hiking at Ah Pek Hill 2015

If you’re a city dweller who doesn’t exercise and is considering hiking at Ah Pek Hill (or Bukit Putih), read on. I just Googled for blog posts relating to Ah Pek Hill hiking and the top results do not sound like my experience at all. I must be the most noob of the noob hikers-wannabe.

Spot my friends at the top! They're not faraway. Just trying to get down the steep slope at Ah Pek Hill.
Spot my friends at the top! They’re not faraway. Just trying to get down the scary steep slope at Ah Pek Hill.

My friends and I were considering hiking to Chiling Waterfall, Kuala Kubu Bharu for our weekend outing. But not everyone was ready to get wet so we thought we’d choose either Broga Hill, Ah Pek Hill or Saga Hill — just random shortlist of places at the top of our minds without knowing much about each place. We chose Ah Pek Hill in the end because we thought that’s the most convenient and it’d not be too hard for us. Oh boy..

There were eight of us; seven girls and one boy; two fit young adults, two partially fit young adults and four no-exercise young adults. I was in the last category #noshame.

When we arrived at almost 9am at Jalan Awana 23 entrance, we saw so many people exiting the place. Yeah, a lot of ah pek (old men) so we were getting a little shy. Pretty sure the ah pek would be fitter and faster than us. We went ahead anyway, after passing by a happening food stall at the foot of the hill.

Our expectation for the hike was of Chilling Waterfall’s standard. Jungle trekking with gradual elevation towards the waterfall for a fun splash time at the waterfall. Ha-ha. The start of the trail itself made us speechless and breathless. “Up, up. Here we go, go. Up, up. Here we go, go.”

This was taken when we were coming down the same route. Imagine a few KM of this uphill!
This was taken when we were coming down the same route. Imagine a few KM of this uphill!

Within half an hour, we had to stop for a breather and that’s when I felt like I was going to faint… Do not halt when you’ve just got your heart to pump so hard and fast, way beyond its normal capacity. Very quickly, I felt my blood pressure and sugar level plunging, and (tadah!) my vision was spinning. I sat by the trail and my friends fed me with rehydrating salt water, 100 Plus, Oreo and soya bean (whatever sweet stuff that we had). I thought I wouldn’t recover but thank god I did.

I learned my lesson so I dared not stop abruptly no matter how tired I was trying to hike up the long uphill trail. I kept going and going. Even if I was as slow as a snail, I made sure I don’t stop moving up (no other direction to go). Even when my friends stopped for a short breather, I moved on too all the way to the top #proud. But I almost blacked out again when I slowed down at the resting station. LOL. And this round, another friend stole my (ahem) spotlight when she vomited. Twice. I did mention we’re noob, right?

Apparently, we still had some distance to go before we reach the peak. Yeah, Ah Pek Hill’s waterfall trail required us to hike to the peak and down to the waterfall. Oh no. We had no clue until the friendly ah pek hikers told us. We were glad they even told us what each route entails because there were so many junctions along the Ah Pek Hill hiking trail that lead to different places, including Saga Hill (I would not have gone to Ah Pek Hill if I knew it connects to Saga Hill because I knew Saga Hill is too challenging for me). Anyway, based on guidance by various ah pek hikers, we chose the longer but easier (less steep and less confusing) route to the waterfall.

Somehow, I made it to the peak and did not faint there. My friend did not vomit also. The peak was really happening. There were so many people there. A bunch of them were making tea. There was water stations for the public. And there was a drink stall too. I did not notice there’s jungle gym there probably because everyone used the apparent gym as resting bench.

Water dispenser, people and fellowship at the peak of Ah Pek Hill
Water dispenser, people and fellowship at the peak of Ah Pek Hill

From there, we moved on to the waterfall and even though it was just a descent from the peak, it was a no-joke descent. The descent was so steep! Some of the steps were as tall as our shoulders so we had to slide, swing and jump around a bit. If you have height phobia, you’d get an attack here because it’s so steep… We had two thoughts in our heads as we braced the descent: “why haven’t we hear the water?” and “how are we gonna go back up?”

Our reactions to the "easier" route that the ah pek hikers recommended. So steep!
Our reactions to the “easier” route that the ah pek hikers recommended. So steep!

We made it! And instead of having our planned fun splash time, we decide to just soak our feet in the cold water because the waterfall was pretty tiny and very shallow. Plus, we didn’t want to waste our energy playing because we can’t help but wonder how we gonna make it back out. Haha. We stayed at the waterfall eating and resting for about half an hour before heading back out.

Ah Pek Hill waterfall
The eight of us made it to the waterfall after 3 hours (one way)!
Shallow waterfall to soak feet
The waterfall is really shallow and tiny but only three of us (excluding the couple) were willing to take off our shoes to enjoy the cold water apparently.
Birthday celebration at waterfall
There are two upcoming birthdays in June so we prepared muffins and candles for a surprise advanced celebration!
Birthday celebration at Ah Pek Hill waterfall
The celebrated ones with the unlit candles because we didn’t prepare lighter and other hikers didn’t have lighter too. Hehe.

Surprisingly, climbing (not hiking) back up to the peak wasn’t as tough as coming down the slope. In fact, we were faster and less tired. After the peak, we moved more swiftly down the hill with a little bit of ascent before going through tonnes of descents. The descent was so long it was getting tiring (and boring) and we wondered how we even made it up when we were so sick of the long, long descent #impressed.

Group hiking in Kuala Lumpur
Good thing we had two fit friends to help us through.
Steep slope at Ah Pek Hill
Really? We lost count of the super steep slopes we had to go through.
Steep climb at Ah Pek Hill waterfall
Posing for the camera before yet another endless climb up near Ah Pek Hill waterfall.

Thinking back at the first half an hour of of this Ah Pek Hill hiking when we thought we would need to U-turn downhill to our cars, we were proud that we came out safe six hours later and that we accomplished our mission hiking to the waterfall even though we were mentally and physically unprepared for the uphill challenge (literally). After sipping some coconut water to refresh ourselves at the food stall at the foot of the hill, we left Ah Pek Hill thinking we’d never want to return in the near future. Then one of us vomited and so we may not return ever. LOL. What an interesting hike.

Coconut water at Ah Pek Hill
I slurped down the entire coconut water within minutes after the hectic hike.
Perskindol to relive muscle aches.
Perskindol shall be my body lotion for the next few days to relive my muscle aches.
MapMyWalk to track Ah Pek Hill hiking elevation.
This chart doesn’t really do us justice because the short up down sessions are not shown here.
Ah Pek Hill hiking trail by MapMyWalk
Thank god for this app that I used to track the trail we used, we avoided the risk of getting lost finding our way out. We were pretty clueless at various junctions until we checked the trail marked.

7 thoughts on “Hiking at Ah Pek Hill 2015”

  1. May I know what is the App u using to trek yours trail. I never been I plan to go alone this week

  2. May I know what is the App u using to trek yours trail. I never been I plan to go alone this week

    1. I used Map My Walk (http://www.mapmywalk.com/). Make sure your phone battery can last through the hike as it’s battery-draining to have location-tracking on the whole time.

      p/s Sorry for the late reply. I hope everything went well for your hike.

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