Busted Tyre Along PLUS Highway At Night Alone

On the way back to office to grab my car after movie with colleagues, one of them asked me if I’ve been robbed or got my car window smashed before because it’s so common apparently. You can bet that after being asked like that, I’d be more paranoid than usual. Perhaps that’s why I refused to get down the car when I noticed something was wrong with my car as I was driving home past 11pm yesterday.

I busted my tyre flat on the highway at night, alone.

It felt like the tyre alignment was off or something when I took my car from office but I couldn’t tell if anything was wrong, until there was loud sound and my car was jittering. I knew I had no choice but to pull over by the highway (after 30km of drive). Even then, I was too paranoid to check out what’s wrong.

I called my brother. I called my boyfriend. Still sitting in my car with the doors locked and being wary of the surrounding. I turned off my headlamp and didn’t turn on my emergency light because I didn’t want to attract attention.

I was worried if any driver would pull over to try to help out because I’d be skeptical if they’re sincere. But there was one car in sight that made me feel relieved: PLUSRonda.

Within 5 minutes after I pulled over, PLUSRonda spotted me and came over to help. Two uniformed personnel saw my flat tyre, asked for my spare tyre and immediately changed the tyre for me. And they were done within 5 minutes!

plusronda patrol
This is exactly how they looked like when they approached me. Properly dressed in uniform and labelled patrol car (on siren) to clear of suspicion. PC: www.plus.com

They were very friendly. They taught me to check for their phone number behind my Touch N Go card in times of emergency on PLUS highways. They also told me to save PLUSRonda hotline in my phone because I frequent that highway.

So here’s what I learned about this patrol service by PLUS highway from this incident:

  1. It has been around for 25 years (since 1990). That’s even older than me!
  2. They operate 24/7 with no rest day.
  3. They can do minor repair, tow car and coordinate emergency services.
  4. Ever wondered what’s the emergency phone along the highway for? It’s to contact them; provided at every 2km.
  5. You can call them via mobile of course. Toll free PLUSLine is 1800 88 0000.
  6. Their KPI is to arrive within 20 minutes upon receiving a call.
  7. The service is absolutely free! (Well, you have been paying toll)

Here’s a list of PLUS highways so that you know when you’re covered by PLUSRonda:

  1. North-South Expressway (NSE)
  2. New Klang Valley Expressway (NKVE)
  3. Federal Highway Route 2
  4. Seremban-Port Dickson Highway (SPDH)
  5. North-South Expressway Central Link (NSECL)
  6. Malaysian-Singapore Second Link (Linkedua)
  7. Lebuhraya Butterworth-Kulim (BKE)
  8. Penang Bridge

Thank you so much to the two PLUSRonda personnel that helped me earlier. You don’t know how grateful I was when you save me from being stranded on the highway alone in the dark. Keep up the helpfulness and friendliness!

Lastly, thank god nothing bad happened to me~

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