6D/5N Hong Kong Trip: Photo Story Day 1

I went to Hong Kong for a 6D/5N trip in early July 2015 so about 3.5 months have passed! I’d be lying if I say it’s gonna be easy to write about the Hong Kong trip. With that said, let’s do a photo story for a starter. I’d share some photos that I’ve handpicked from the trip and flash back one by one to get the ball rolling.

Day 1 – Flight, wong tai shin temple, nan lian garden, chi lin nunnery, victoria harbour, victoria peak, lan kwai fong
KLIA 2 boarding room
That’s me at KLIA2! It took quite a while to take this photo because RK was trying to get familiarized with the camera. So I dragged the luggage in and out for the retakes. #ThingsYouDoForAPhoto
wefie at airport
I wanted to document everything because it’s our first overseas trip (and also because Hong Kong is not a cheap destination). But as you can tell, it’s not easy. And that’s why, you’d see less of him and a lot more of me later.
selfie in plane
Ignore the vainpot photo. I inserted this in because I wanted an in-flight photo to say I slept on 3 seats during the flight! Excited because got 1 bonus vacant seat and RK was made my pillow.
hong kong airport
First photo in Hong Kong! I thought I looked quite glam having matching luggage, scarf and passport cover. And the sunglasses headgear. LOL.
octopus card
We bought Octopus card at airport before heading to our hotel by bus. Loved the bus because it had free wifi! Exciting discovery. I even updated my Instagram mentioning the bus wifi I was using.
tall structures in hong kong
One thing I quickly noticed about Hong Kong is that the buildings are built in clusters. Clusters of uniform tall structures. It’s amusing.
streets in hong kong
It may be my first visit to Hong Kong but thanks to TVB, the streets of Hong Kong looked so familiar. Old buildings. Bamboo scaffolds. Road constructions. LOL.
wefie on the street
We just got off our bus and was about to cross Hong Kong street for the first time. That’s Alicia and me feeling excited. And Victor feeling the heat. Haha.
street in hong kong
Standing at the entrance to our little apartment that we rented via Airbnb, feeling the oomph of finally stepping foot on the familiar street of Hong Kong.
policemen on patrol in hong kong
When I saw the policemen, I was like “OMG! Policemen on foot! This feels like straight out of a TVB drama scene!”. I can’t believe myself. Haha.
mtr in hong kong
Look how peaceful the MTR looked like. It’s on a Saturday. It was a different story and experience on weekday rides.
wefie in mtr
Wefie in MTR because we can! Oh yes. I was the wefie and selfie queen. They’d thank me when they look back at the photos 10 years from now.
parking meter in hong kong
Overly curious and excited tourist? I was just amused discovering that Octopus card is used for parking meter as well. And that parking meter is on digital. Just because it’s different in Malaysia.
waiting for table at hong kong dimsum
Alicia on a seat, waiting for a table for our first meal in Hong Kong: a Michelin-star restaurant on a humble street. I would like to mention also that Alicia was wearing a “very cute pullover that looks like she’s ready to cook” — commentary from our Airbnb host. Laugh die us at our host’s awkward welcoming remark.
yau char kwai chee cheong fun
Out of the many dimsums that we had in Hong Kong, I remember and crave this the most. Can Malaysian dimsum starts putting yau char kwai in chee cheong fun, please?
The boys in blue. RK looking way more awkward than Victor. Oh well…
The girls in red tones and sunglasses as headgears.
bonsai plant miniature
Amused to discover miniatures in the bonsai plant at Wong Tai Shin Temple.
nan lian garden hong kong trip
Discovered Nan Lian Garden via #hongkongtrip on Instagram. Crazy loved the place because it looked so fantasy-like! Look at the landscape design!
nan lian garden hong kong
Look at the trees! The path! The decorations! Felt so happy and at peace there.
chi lin nunnery
No photo allowed inside the nunnery so I could only capture the view in my memory. Calm and revitalizing; just like how a nunnery should be even if it’s smacked right at the center of the modern city.
junk boat at victoria harbour hong kong
This is a junk boat. Loved the red highlight and the timeless contrast against the modern skyline in the background.
Adorable ice cream truck parked at Victoria Harbour! The first guy in queue is a friend who made our Hong Kong trip so much more insightful and memorable. He’s a local.
giant duck at star ferry hong kong
This is where the giant duck was placed when it visited Hong Kong. I thought I could Photoshop my version too.
star ferry victoria harbour
Alicia and Victor on board the upper deck of Star Ferry. Photo taken before they started feeling seasick. The ferry rocked slowly across the harbour.
taxi up victoria peak
Our first taxi ride in Hong Kong! Supposed to take the tram up Victoria peak but the queue was ridiculous because Mainland Chinese tourists swarmed Hong Kong for school holiday!
victoria peak hong kong
OMG! Victoria Peak was so beautiful! Hong Kong skyline looked like a wallpaper! Picture-perfection. I was extra excited because it looked exactly like the phone wallpaper I had in anticipation for Hong Kong trip. RK looked happy to take this photo too.
victoria peak hong kong trip
The quad at another side of Victoria Peak, where you can see the nature side of Hong Kong skyline. And where it’s less crowded as it’s less distinguishably-Hong Kong.
binoculars at victoria peak
There were huge binoculars for public use, without charge. And they’re functional! A little culture shock from where I come from. Ahem.
That’s me obsessing with free wifi at public areas. Why is Hong Kong so generous with their free high-speed wifi? Me likey.
trick eye museum hong kong
I only wanted to take a selfie with the statue. I didn’t know she’s part of a trick eye art until this photo was taken. #noob
roast goose rice hong kong
Our first dinner in Hong Kong. Roast goose. Don’t remember if I’ve eaten goose before but this was so yummy. Yums.
lan kwai fong on saturday night
Ended the night with a visit to Lan Kwai Fong. It was only getting busy when we were leaving at 10pm; we were dead tired to wait any later. My biggest surprise was that the area was so sloppy and that it’s not big, like I assumed. It’s filled with tourists too, like only tourists go there. Hmmm.
lan kwai fong selfie
The tipsy Victor creeping in my selfie. He said the morning after that he didn’t remember photobombing me. Haha.
tramway in hong kong
Spotted a tram on the way back to our apartment. I was thrilled! One of my Hong Kong must-dos was to experience every public transport!

I have almost forgotten how excited I was during the Hong Kong trip; how enjoyable the trip was; and how we did so many things in Day 1. No wonder I could not feel my legs that night onward.

Day 2 Hong Kong Photo Story to follow next!

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