Baseball at It’s A Hit! Batting Cage, 1 Utama

Seriously, I’ve never heard of this automated baseball batting cage in 1 Utama until the gang suggested baseball for our supposedly-monthly fitness activity. Play baseball at the rooftop of 1 Utama Shopping Centre? Is it a new business? Apparently not. I did some digging and traced its website in 2006, saying it’s opening in May 2006! I suddenly feel like “katak di bawah tempurung”.

This was the website design in 2006. I thought it looked better than the one they have now:

The access to the rooftop seemed pretty limited. We read online about accessing it from the lift behind The Coffee Bean & Tea and it worked perfectly. The rooftop seemed bare and quiet at 10.30am on a Sunday. Well, that was great because we could be as noob as we were.

one utama baseball price
Can you see the price list? You can either buy based on number of balls or the duration of game.

We opted for unlimited balls for 30 minutes because we’d probably just miss a lot of balls. We also opted for softball instead of baseball because softball is slower and the ball is bigger; perfect. Except I still found it challenging.

By the way, we got 2 cages for 30 minutes each. Would have been better to go with 1 cage for 1 hour so that there’s longer time and everyone gets to watch one another.

automated baseball batting cage rule
Before playing, read instructions for the game.

The bat looked weightless when everyone else swung it but I thought it was heavier than I expected; it’s not weightless obviously. I quickly learned that I didn’t know how to hold and swing the bat. But I was already stuck in the cage so let’s just do it.

batting cage one utama
RK in the batting cage! Right-hand batter stands in the left box and vice versa. The arrow between the boxes is where the ball travels from the machines across the cage.
batting cage token machine
Here’s the machine to insert token and to control the speed and height of the ball.

I started at the slowest speed and managed to hit a few balls but the balls didn’t go anywhere further than 5 meter away from me. LOL. I then increased the speed and the experience was completely different (when I did hit the balls that few times). At a faster speed, I didn’t have to really swing the bat for the ball to travel further than 5 meter away. When the ball hit the bat (not the other way round =P), the ball just bounced off with force. It felt incredible because it looked like I hit the ball well. Haha.

playing baseball malaysia
RK looked like he’s ready to hit someone. Or at least that’s how I felt when I held and swung the bat. Felt like a gangster. Hehe.
baseball one utama
I wore sandals to play but would definitely say sports shoes would have helped with the stance and kept me sturdier.

Let’s just say I played continuously for 10 minutes and the balls were released every 9 seconds, I would have swung my arms 66 times. I don’t think I played that much but my arms are definitely hurting now. I definitely worked out a bit there. My heart rate increased a little during the game as well after swinging the bat (and spinning myself) for a good few minutes.

I think It’s A Hit at 1 Utama requires some marketing magic to turn it into a hyped up fitness or social activity. I mean it’s interesting but why have I not heard it after 9 years?! (Reluctant to believe I’ve never heard of this one-of-a-kind place.)

group activity baseball
Ending the post with a wefie of us in the cage just because we were so early that the place was still empty when we were done.

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