What I Miss About Perth, Australia

It’s the holiday season now. It’s the time of the year when you send out emails and almost certainly receive an auto-reply email from every other person. Not hard to guess why I am missing Perth, is it? What do I miss about going to Perth? Read on.

The Weather

spring wildflower western australia
Yallingup Beach showed me what Spring wildflower in Western Australia is like. Loved the view there.

I visited Perth early November 2015 when spring was coming to an end. The Spring/Summer Perth weather was sunny yet chilly; the sun was shining bright and the breeze was cool. It felt weird to me at first because all my life, my senses have only experienced the hot and humid Malaysian weather. But now? I miss it.

The air may be a little dry for me as I was caught off-guard without any lotion. The wind may be a little too cold for me at night, especially when I wished I could stay outdoor longer. But I loved it indoor at night because no air-cond or fan was needed for a comfortable night sleep. And I loved it even more during the day because it’s so comfortable to roam around.

fremantle memorial tower
Not knowing about the dry and windy Perth weather in Spring, I surprised myself and everyone with my sleeveless and shorts on Day 1 at Perth.
sea breeze busselton jetty
Can you feel the strong wind? This was taken at the end of the 1.7km-long Busselton Jetty so it was extra windy.
jump shot pinnacles desert
One take was all we needed to capture this perfect jump shot. Besides the awesome photographer and model (ahem), the wind at The Pinnacles Desert was working in our favor.
beautiful cloudy beach
The wind was blowing strong in this photo as well. Taken at a beach near Lancelin Sand Dunes. Aren’t the clouds mesmerizing?
walk by swan river perth
I had to keep the scarf around every day because it’s so handy to shield me from the wind, filter out the strong UV or keep my a little warm.
leeuwin estate margaret river
I’m guessing the flowers were blooming this beautifully because it’s Spring time? Spotted at Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River.
perth weather spring flower
This is one of my favourite shots because the flowers near Bell Tower, Perth were just too beautiful. They immediately lift your mood.

The Road

roads in western australia
I think we were driving North when the photo was captured. We quickly learned that road condition remained consistently great even at countryside. Thumbs up to their level of maintenance.

No joke. Almost every time I feel sick of driving in Malaysia, I think of the traffic in Perth. Yes, it’s annoying that you can’t speed. But it’s awesome that everyone kinda drives the same speed; no tailgating, no overtaking. That’s one of the formulas to safer roads, more fuel efficient drive, less frustration and less unnecessary traffic jam.

Besides that, I loved the road signs in Perth too. It’s very frank. In Malaysia, we always have this One-Way Street sign that just seems to only appear once you’ve made the wrong turn. In Perth, you see signs like “Turn back” and “Wrong way” so that you immediately know you’re not supposed to be there. Sounds like road sign for dummies but they work for me (maybe I’m a dummy).

The drive down South was lined with many trees and bushes, but still perfect roads; even, straight, no potholes, only occasional dead kangaroo sighting by the road.
selfie on jungle road
This was the only stretch of dirt road that we drove on during our trip in Western Australia. We went on the road to visit a tree, which is a tourist attraction in one of the many national parks around.
traffic jam perth
We were stuck in Monday morning peak hour jam but it was totally bearable, unlike the ones in Kuala Lumpur.
creative billboard advertising
Here’s one billboard advertisement that I really liked. In fact, it inspired an advertising idea that I proposed to my client after coming back from Perth.

The City

Here’s my favourite selfie from Day 2 (yesterday) at Perth. Back camera and front camera view ^^ Just rest and relax on…

Posted by Staci KY Tan on Sunday, November 1, 2015

I loved it that within Perth city, there’s King’s Park where I can stay there all weekend sleeping on the grass or chilling with friends over BBQ. The park is so huge I can pick a different spot every time and will probably take a while to repeat my spot.

Actually I can’t really think of anything else that I really miss in Perth city so maybe I’m not missing the city per se, but just a mesmerizing gigantic park in Perth city.

picnic king's park perth
We had a picnic session under a tree in King’s Park, Perth, along with tens of other locals who did the same on a fine Sunday. Beautiful.
sitting on green grass
Can’t help but wanted to be pictured together with lots of well-maintained lush greenery.
boy chasing ducks
I’d love to bring my kids to a park like King’s Park where they can play in the nature and chase some ducks (one day when I have kids).

Oh how I miss Perth even more now. I miss going on holiday (if only holidays are free).

Noticed the things that I miss about Perth are not touristy i.e. seeing kangaroo, petting koala, visiting The Pinnacles, sandboarding at Lanceline, wine tasting, etc.? Well, I guess those are touristy things that you’d enjoy doing once only.

Nevertheless, check out the touristy photos on my Facebook if you’d like to.

p/s I miss the doughnut at Fremantle Markets too. Yums.

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