New Year Countdown at Avenue K Rooftop

I thought I haven’t updated anything here this year but apparently I did. Never mind. I still want to write about the first thing that happened this year: New Year Countdown at Avenue K KL rooftop!


RK and I didn’t go anywhere for Christmas Eve. In fact, we didn’t even spend Christmas Eve together and were just home sleeping. I thought that was rather sad and so we decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

I was guessing that Avenue K would have something and I was right. However, I forgot that Avenue K is located right next to the most iconic place in the city center: KLCC.

The streets were filled with so many people it felt like there’s gathering organized. There were locals, as well as foreigners. Everyone was in festive mood, blasting vuvuzelas non stop. People were sitting along the streets. Vendors were selling stuffs. Sadly, I felt more unsafe than I felt merry.

That aside, we made it to the rooftop of Avenue K. It wasn’t as crazy as the streets, which was great. We ordered a few bottles of beer and waited for countdown and fireworks with the other party goers.



It was nice to be out and to welcome the new year in such ambience at the rooftop of Avenue K. I didn’t regret going there this time but would not return because of the massive crowd on the streets and also because there’s a building being erected now between the KLCC fireworks site and the rooftop.

That was probably my most epic new year countdown so far =) It was an experience.

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