Chinese New Year Nailart 2016 – Year of Monkey

I think I never blogged about my nailart before. Well, it’s not like I have been doing a lot of nailart since I started blogging or that I have been blogging a lot since I started this blog almost a year back.

For Chinese New Year this year, I managed to get enough enthusiasm to do simple home manicure. Wanted to do an easy monkey design for Year of the Monkey this 2016. But the lack of practice and slightly weaker fingers now caused my Paul Frank to develop Down Syndrome (that’s what my sister said XD). Here you go, my Chinese New Year nailart that I have now erased. LOL

CNY monkey nailart
My crooked Paul Frank monkey for Chinese New Year monkey nailart. Hahaha

I referred to an image of a Paul Frank nailart design to recreate this. Different colors based on my availability and to match the festive season. Steps:

  1. Apply base coat
  2. Apply white base colour
  3. Slap on black patch for the top of the head
  4. Touch up with dotting tool for the ears
  5. Slap on brown patch vertically and horizontally for the face
  6. Use dotting tool to draw out the mouth red
  7. Dot eyes and ears using dotting tool
  8. Take photo
  9. Erase (LOL)
easy Chinese New Year nailart
Cleaned the monkey off and replaced with a pinch of glitter for an easy yet festive Chinese New Year nailart.

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Huat ah!

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