Valentine’s Day Nailart 2016

Two nailart posts back to back! Because it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and it’s almost time to refresh my almost week-old manicure. So here you go my Valentine’s Day nailart! Simple and easy.

valentine's day nailart

My sister and a friend both said the hearts look like monkey’s butt. LOL. Probably because we’re still in the Year of the Monkey mood and also because it probably do look like it. Oops!

I have to say that this is a pretty simple design. No tools required if you just want to do the red hearts because I literally took the nail polish out from the bottle and stroked it on directly. Even if you want to do the white dots, you can use a toothpick or bobby pin as your dotting tool too.

My white base got stained with red stripes when I applied the top coat because I wasn’t patient with the process. If I waited a little longer and be more gentle, it’d be prettier but it’s alright. I’m doing this for fun.

The inspiration nailart that my colleague sent to me.

Another thing I realized when I compared my design and the photo inspiration is that I cut my nail straight instead of pointy. Thus my hearts look fat and half-hearted. It’s alright. That’s something I learned.

Looking forward to a simple (and short) Valentine’s Day date with RK tomorrow out of home! Wee! Hope my stamina is good this weekend.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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