Nature Walk at Taman Rakyat, Klang Feb 2016

I need to exercise 3 days a week they say. I need to go outdoor for oxygen and negative ions they say. But my surgeon says I can’t exercise yet so I took a nature walk at Taman Rakyat, Klang instead.

My first memories of Taman Rakyat were during my childhood when my mom would wake the siblings up on Sunday mornings for a hike. I remember the hike being tiring and pretty scary (due to the height) for a primary school kid. In recent years however, I don’t visit Taman Rakyat that much anymore. Regardless, the park remained as one of the most popular (if not the most popular) parks in Klang.

taman rakyat klang
Greensssss = oxygen = good for me. And I wore pants for the first time post-surgery! Nervous because the rubber was resting on my wound. Hehe

I arrived around 8.30am on Saturday. There was crowd but not considered crowded. I took a slow walk around the big field and the lake. I stopped halfway amidst the shaded path to take a breather of fresh air. Even though I was just walking, my body still felt lack of oxygen; oh well, I need more exercise.

exercise machine at taman rakyat
There were several exercise machines at this area but I could only play with these wheels because I can’t exert stress on my lower body.

Anyway, it was my first nature walk since getting discharged from the hospital so kudos to me! Let’s see if I can walk further the next round ^^

mapmywalk app
I actually walked slightly under 2km because I only turned off the tracker after travelling in the car a little. And I’m not sure why the elevation showed up so steep on the app. I only walked on gradual elevation and a little of stairs.
taman rakyat klang path
I only walked the outer path of Taman Rakyat without going into the varied elevated grounds of the hill.
fitbit charge hr stats
My Fitbit Charge HR auto tracked the walked to be 30 minutes long, 12 minutes being in the Fat Burn zone. Heart rate peaked during the first few minutes of the walk.
The tracked walked contributed almost 2,000 steps but it should be higher because I walked for almost double the tracked time.

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