Chinese New Year Celebration 2016 and my skin care resolutions

Chinese New Year came and went! And I managed to celebrate Chinese New Year! Made it out of hospital in time to recuperate at home and look like a healthy person even though I had a 2-week-old and 5-inch-long colectomy surgery wound under my new dresses, in part thanks to a recommendation from a friend to start worrying about my skin, she told me to use a derma roller to help me reduce lines and wrinkles (you can find it at their website, the name is Sdara skin); also, I walked like I was heavily pregnant. Hehe.

I was planning to wear a 2-piece for first day of Chinese New Year but plan had to be aborted of course. So thankfully a red dress that I bought on Zalora while I was in the hospital, arrived just in time.

dress from zalora
The zip went all the way up or down so it made it easy for me to wear and take off when my movements were restricted.

Thanks to RK and a few close friends that my mom entrusted to be my chaperons, I actually went for house visiting! I was impressed myself. In fact, a friend’s dad innocently said to me, “I heard your sister is sick and went for surgery. How is she now?” “Uncle, I am the one hospitalized. I’m as good as I look now,” I replied with a grin. #likeaboss

chinese new year celebration
At my house while I was in my pajamas so I hugged a pillow to cover up. Hehe.
chinese new year malaysia
Looking a little more “youthful” here without make up.
chinese new year wefie
Wefie at my house! My house was the first stop for house hopping with the high school band friends.
group wefie
Went to friend’s house for this Lunar New Year’s first gambling session! I didn’t win. LOL.
chinese new year wefie
Another house visiting. I was pretty good with my wefie, wasn’t I? Hehe.
cny house visiting
“Make funny faces!” RK brought me to my lecturer’s house for CNY visiting and he became BFF with his daughter. Wow.

Chinese New Year celebration this year felt more blessed than all years before because I was thankful that I could even join the celebration. And my mom kept reminding me that I got my second chance at life, getting to walk out alive after a major surgery.

The downside of this year’s celebration was that I could not eat almost anything festive. My reunion dinner menu was fish porridge. During the 15 days of Chinese New Year, I only ate 2 tiny crackers from yee sang, 0 mandarin oranges, 1.5 butter cookies, 0 dried meat, 5 ngaku (fried arrowhead) and lots of fish porridge.

On a brighter note, I didn’t need to do any house chores and spring cleaning! Woohoo!

CNY reunion dinner
My head basically blocked the table full of Chinese New Year dishes for our CNY reunion dinner at home.
selfie with kid
This was one of the more challenging tasks: catching kids for selfie. It’s not easy to get a clear shot; I normally have to squat; I’m scared they’d hit/touch me unintentionally.
dried fish snack
Check out this cheeky nephew munching non-stop on dried fish snack.

Thank you all for the blessings and well wishes this year. It gotta be a 身体健康 year for me definitely.

On another note, LINE Malaysia just announced that I am one of the 88 winners to win a LINE lucky bag worth RM168. No clue what’s inside but yay!


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