Nature Walk at Taman Bukit Kiara Feb 2016

Long before, RK told me about nature walk at Taman Bukit Kiara: shaded and tarred walkway with pretty steep ascent; not only good for casual walk but also great for cycling. There are hiking routes that look pretty challenging to me too. And I’ve learned that over the years the park has been improved with exercise amenities.

taman bukit kiara sign
Here’s a signage at the entrance of the nature walk at Taman Bukit Kiara that I explored.

I was there over the last weekend with RK and 3 other friends — 2 adults and 1 6-month-old baby! We were there for the easiest course of course. It was the baby’s first stroll in the park (literally because she was in the stroller) and it was my steepest ascent since earning my 5-inch-long battle scar.

elevation at taman bukit kiara
I only gained 26m at the nature walk at Taman Rakyat so 80m gain is 3 times my previous record!


Believed there’s only one entrance in and out of the 4 main routes illustrated on the map signage; I didn’t take photo of the map signage though. We only explored the route that lead in from the car park and entrance. It was my steepest and longest walk so far anyway so we didn’t want to be adventurous and turned back at the meeting point of the 4 routes.

taman bukit kiara map
Here’s the location. We walked 2.81km both ways over an hour; it was a casual walk with pit stops to enjoy the park amenities. You can see the 4 routes from the map too.
nature walk at taman bukit kiara
View of the four routes at Taman Bukit Kiara, from the meeting point that’s about 1.2km from the entrance.

We arrived at about 8am. There was a good crowd on a Sunday morning. Half were walking; half were cycling. Road condition was good so it’s comfortable for feet, bicycles and strollers alike. Didn’t spot anyone else with a stroller though so the baby attracted attention, as usual. Unless you’re fit to piggybag the baby through the ascent and descent, let’s just use the stroller and bring mosquito repellent.

cycling at taman bukit kiara
Does this look like a flat route or an ascent to you? It’s the latter. Cyclists stay at the center lane while pedestrians stay on the sides.

I’d definitely like to explore the park when I’m fit. Perhaps to check out the other tarred routes or even go off-road. Believe this is a gem =)

taman bukit kiara nature walk
That’s me feeling accomplished after completing the ascent; the first half of our 2.8km casual nature walk. Yay!
fitbit charge hr heart rate
Here’s my heart rate throughout the trip. This was tracked automatically by my Fitbit Charge HR.
fitbit charge hr calorie counter
Burned 189 calories in total according to my Fitbit Charge HR. This tallied with my heart rate as well.
fitbit charge hr for exercise
Here’s the impact on my day: more than half of steps taken, more than 10% of calories burned and almost all my active minutes.

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