#sharestrength – Back to Work Post-Surgery

It has been a while since I updated my blog, hasn’t it? That’s because I got back to work (finally) after 6 weeks of Medical Leave. The 6 weeks flew by quite fast though. Didn’t notice that I was away for so long until I filled up my MC form.

car selfie
Driving on the first day back to work.

Anyway, getting back to work makes my days pass even faster. I wake up at 5am for qi gong at 5.30am. I’d be home at 7am and need to leave for work ASAP. I’d try to leave work at 5.30pm so that I can be home for dinner at 6.30pm but I never made it in time. I’d normally be home at about 8pm and my bedtime is supposed to be at 9pm.

So yeah. No time for anything. My day feels so short.

Thankfully, my colleagues have been very accommodating so I’m learning to not carry the burden of work stress.

back to work
Work desk hijacked with lovely messages and gifts from colleagues =)
pos laju parcel
First surprise parcel to office on second day of work. An adult colouring book from ex colleague in DiGi. It’s gonna be my past time during chemo!
flower bouquet
A sweet surprise bouquet from colleague in GroupM. The card says “Get Well Soon. You Will Be Fined.” Don’t care if it’s a typo or creative writing. It’s super cute.
bms organic products
A basket of organic goodies from thoughtful and generous ex colleagues in DiGi.
gifts for sick colleageus
Another basket of lovely flowers and fruits from ex colleagues in DiGi arrived in the office.




Besides the fact that I’ve lost touch of work progress and that I can’t work as much as before, everything else seems familiar. In fact, many colleagues have commented that I look just like before, except I lost a few kgs from my already skinny body. I feel the same. Only my medical report doesn’t agree.

car selfie
I really like this photo. Thought I look great here. Hehe. This was on second day of work.

I feel work is not tiring actually. It’s the travel that drains my energy; 1.5 hour of drive one-way. I have forgotten how I managed the drive that long everyday before Big C.

no make up face
Forgot to put on make up to work and wasn’t really bothered. Eventually forgot about the no make up face during work. And that’s the face during a long drive home.

I’m off work again as I’m writing this from the hospital bed of University Malaya Specialist Center (UMSC); only went back to work for 1.5 week. I’m currently admitted to surgically implant a chemo port and for my first chemotherapy treatment. Will write more on this.

I’d be back to work on Monday and that’s gonna be my new routine for the next 6 months: off work from Wed to Fri for chemotherapy every fortnight.

Let’s hope I’m healthy enough to carry out my duties even during chemotherapy. I may even work from home during chemotherapy if I feel totally normal!

get well soon gift
Holding up a gift that I got from the mail box of my house. Got it for quite a while already but kept forgetting to open it. Photo taken on the morning before my chemo port surgery and first chemotherapy.

Thank you all for the love and support!

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  1. Hi Stacy! Just got to know. Hope that you will get well in no time. You are such an inspiration for being so strong and cheerful despite the challenges. Fighting!

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