Wagyu Steak at Tamaruya, Isetan The Japan Store

RK has expensive taste buds and loves to splurge. He loves steaks and doesn’t mind paying for good food. I am the total opposite. I am the most comfortable in mamak settings and crave for all the cheap eats. We’re excited to say that we may have found a place that makes both of us happy!

Tamaruya at Lower Ground Floor of Isetan The Japan Store, Lot 10 Shopping Centre is a meat tasting bar. Basically, they sell prepacked meat (beef and chicken) like in supermarket, except you can ask them to cook the meat for tasting for a small fee (RM10/packet of meat).

No fancy cooking. They just marinate the meat with salt and pepper, cook it, and serve it with teriyaki sauce. They don’t even serve green tea; only plain water and your meat.

But the experience was so good!

Firstly, it was fun. Fun that you get to choose your own meat at the supermarket and later watch the chef quickly turn it into yummy meat just across the bar counter. We were contemplating where to have our meal (because you can order to be served elsewhere i.e. sushi bar, salad bar, etc.). Good that we stayed to see how the chef single-handedly cooked easily 9 pieces of meat at one go. *clap clap*

tamaruya meat tasting bar isetan
This was our view. I think we chose a good seat for unobstructed view of the kitchen. Haha.

Secondly, it was affordable. RK would want to say it’s cheap. He got 300 gms of Australian Wagyu Sirloin Steak at RM119.34; with RM10 cooking fee, his yummylicious medium steak was RM129.34 before GST. I tried to stay away from red meat (though I couldn’t resist it when RK’s steak arrived) so I picked boneless chicken breast at RM3.15 (RM13.15 cooked). My cooking fee was more expensive than my meat. Hahaha. I was the only one eating chicken at the bar that night.

chicken breast at tamaruya
My humble chicken breast. Hahaha.

Thirdly, it was yummy. Didn’t I say the food was yummy already? It was cooked simply and quickly. But it was good for someone who fancies steak and another someone who doesn’t fancy steak. RK even said this was better than a lot of more expensive steaks he had in expensive restaurants even though he wished Isetan brings in higher grade meat.

wagyu steak at tamaruya isetan kuala lumpur
The wagyu steak. RK ordered medium. It was good but he’d prefer medium rare in his next visit.

Fourthly, it’s in Isetan The Japan Store. If you haven’t (window) shopped there, just FYI, the eateries are the only place commoners like RK and I can afford. A broom sells for RM500+ and seat cushion for RM1000+ there. No kidding. Check out this article by Says if you don’t believe me. So being able to spend in Isetan The Japan Store is quite a big deal. LOL.

Lastly, it was comfortable. It was Christmas Eve at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Some people were dressed up for the occasion but seriously, it’s technically an expensive food court / supermarket. RK and I were dressed casually and didn’t feel out of place. We could talk, laugh, take picture, wipe mouth, etc without pressure to pretend atas (high class).

Actually the last reason was the killer for both of us. RK specifically said that it’s the USP (unique selling point) of Tamaruya (for us); he even asked me to highlight this in my first food blog post. LOL.

I’m just glad that our first supermarket-cooked steak ended well. Every now and then when he needs to satisfy his cravings for wagyu steaks (or when I need to find favor with him), I’d drag him to explore other places like this. Otherwise, we can always come back for steak at Tamaruya; WE DON’T MIND.

The occasion was not special enough to get him to smile for the camera but at least he didn’t turn away. He said I earned this wefie because I brought him here. Cheh.

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