Working Out At Curves For The First Time

Over the weekend, I joined a Youth Support Group activity organized by our National Cancer Society Malaysia Youth Ambassador: Mei Sze. The group gathers cancer patients and survivors aged 18-35 years old. Mei Sze has been consistently organizing fun monthly activities and I’ve joined two so far!

The one that happened in the recent weekend was a workout session at Curves Malaysia. Curves is a female-only gym that focuses on teaching about healthy pre-workout food and aims at strength training via their 30-min circuit. I’ve never been exposed to this before so it was my first time and I loved it!

With Carol, the master trainer, who was super friendly and encouraging.

Once in a blue moon, I take out my yoga mat, turn on YouTube or my 7 min workout app and do short workout at home. The 7 min often feels so dreadful and I always wonder if I’ve been doing anything correctly.

I find Curves circuit similar to those workouts I do, except I get tons of machines to help me — that’s great because I take away half of my worry of whether  I’m working out the right muscles. Seriously, I thought gyms are just filled with treadmill, weights, exercise bike and whatnot that you normally see on gym advertisements..until I experienced Curves.

Three of the many machines I used that day. They don’t look intimidating, do they?

They have a branch at Bukit Damansara, which is pretty much where I work. It’s really so tempted to sign up for membership and spend 30 min after work to meet my weekly exercise quota but I’m so doubtful of myself. 😂 I don’t know how long I’d last. Should I just do it?

Anyway, if you or anyone you know is interested to join the Youth Support Group for cancer patients and survivors, give me a nudge! We mostly just get together to experience difference activities that are beneficial to us i.e. yoga, dance, workout, etc. so it’s really fun. Mei Sze has been efficiently finding sponsors for all activities so it’s even better!

Did yoga with two friends, courtesy of Youth Support Group led by Mei Sze too!

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