Most Popular Posts of 2016

Did you know that the purpose of was for me to learn SEO? Let’s start the year on my blog by looking at the most popular posts in 2016! #nerdtime

  1. Canopy Walk at KL Forest Eco Park – 11%
  2. Hiking at FRIM Kepong Aug 2015 – 10%
  3. Broga Hill Hiking 2015 – 8%
  4. Hiking at Ah Pek Hill 2015 – 8%
  5. Hiking at Setia Ecopark, Setia Alam – 7%
  6. Day Trip to Ipoh 2015 – 2%
  7. Baseball at It’s A Hit! Batting Cage, 1 Utama – 2%
  8. Why I Decided to Film for AXA and National Cancer Society – 2%
  9. #sharestrength – The Diagnosis of My Colon Cancer – 1%
  10. Eyebrow Threading in Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya – 1%

Woohoo. Top 10 posts contributed about 52% of traffic to my blog from Jan – Dec 2016. The limelight was quite distributed across all blog posts; I guess that’s good in the sense that no 1 post defines my blog.

Based on the Top 10 list, however, it’s easy to tell what type of genre my blog would easily be associated with: hiking. I can tell for sure that this was unintentional. For whatever reason, I liked to rant on my blog after hiking sessions and they took me by surprise by how well they ranked on Google, thus motivating me to blog more about hiking.

I’m surprised with the popularity of Canopy Walk at KL Forest Eco Park. I didn’t find the place very interesting though but so many people searched for the place! I believe the post did well partly because there’s so little info about the attraction at the center of Kuala Lumpur so many actually turned to my ranting post for information.

I’m also surprised that my blog post fared well on Google for Broga Hill because it’s a competitive keyword. It was a momentary stardom though. I remember seeing it rake the top 3 positions for a while before stumbling down to an average of position 8.4 at the end of 2016. Besides “broga hill blog”, it’s hard to see other keywords on good rankings now.

Most of the hiking posts were written in 2015 because I barely hiked in 2016 due to the Big-C. Let’s hope I can throw in more hiking posts in 2017; which means that I’d need to hike more in 2017. Yee-haw~!

Noticed how little I write about my travels? Day trip to Ipoh was a rarity. That’s because firstly, I don’t know how to properly blog about travel in a way that add values to people who read. And secondly, travel blogs are so competitive on Google! It’s difficult to rank so it’s not so fun la. LOL. #kiasu. But I’d want to blog about travel for my own record actually. Let’s see if I actually do in 2017.

71% of my blog traffic came from organic search, mainly contributed by hiking keywords and contents. The post about filming for AXA made it to the Top 10 because it was promoted on social media; 70% of traffic came from social media.

I think the post about my cancer diagnosis was used as a content to announce my Big-C news. If my memory didn’t fail me, this was the post being circulated in my previous company without me knowing! The support that came pouring in after that was heartwarming though. 😊

I hope that in 2017 will document more hiking and travel topics. I hope that I’d continue to write content that people will find value in.

If you actually made it to the end of my musing at my Google Analytics data, I’m surprised!

Happy New Year!


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