About My First 3 KFIT Classes

After trying out Curves, I felt tempted to sign up for a fitness membership in order to meet my weekly exercise quote of 3 hours. Did a lot of self-persuasion and I finally paid for a subscription with KFIT at the beginning December! How was it? Let’s talk about the first 3 KFIT classes I tried.

fun kfit classes
Reservations for Week 1 and 2 of KFIT.

I always think and feel that exercising is very boring. That is why the only sports that I used to do were badminton, swimming, hiking and fun activities, like rock climbing, ATV, baseball, ice skating, etc. And that is why I booked a fitness dance class as my first class on KFIT.

I enjoyed the class! I couldn’t help but to smile during the class because it felt great that I made it for my first KFIT and it was really fun. The steps were quite easy to follow. Nobody judged if you looked like a total mess anyway because it was a fitness class, not a dance class.

There were two downsides though. Firstly, the class was awkwardly silent. Class started the minute I stepped in. And everyone left the studio compound in their cars within 5 minutes after class ended. No chilling around. When class ended, everyone took off the shoes and went off. #awkward

The second downside was that the routines required so much swinging that I thought my limbs would fall off. I couldn’t lift my arms two days after and thus cancelled my second class. LOL.

Jazzercise Dance Mixx

Another fitness dance class! Told you I need to have fun when I sweat.

The vibe at this class was very different from the first. Firstly, the instructors and students were chatty. They seemed like they hangout together a lot. Secondly, the students were not stick thin like Kpop-X. This gave me the impression that Jazzercise would be a breeze but I could not be more wrong. My muscles felt like dying!

As compared to Kpop-X, Jazzercise was of higher intensity. Besides the fact that I ran out of breath faster, my heart was pumping so much faster too! It definitely felt like a fitness class; the music and the dance-looking moves were there to disguise the workout.

Jazzercise was more wholesome too. While only my limbs were falling off in Kpop-X, every muscle in my body felt like running away from the studio during Jazzercise. In the Dance Mixx routine, you start off with cardio to increase your heart rate to the peak, before slowing down with toning and strength training. Squats, crunches, weights — you name it.

Even though Jazzercise felt more hardcore, I didn’t get muscle ache after. Definitely a surprise. Maybe it’s because the instructor made sure we were using different muscles for different moves, instead of simply swinging my arms and legs in the air in Kpop-X class.


I pre-booked my week-long classes. I thought I’d get muscle ache from Jazzercise so I booked yoga two days after Jazzercise to slow down.

Never joined any proper yoga class before. Had the impression it requires too much calmness and patience before I can even do any pose properly. I walked in clueless how to survive 1.5 hours of serenity but walked out thinking I should do it again.

For the record, it was a painful serenity. But oddly satisfying. The whole session felt like a mission to stretch my body apart. I sat and lied in positions I would never try myself. I only did 50% of the requirements for every pose because I was very not flexible. My muscles were visibly shaking during some stretches. It was painful. But it was calming.

As I looked at the ceiling for a couple of minutes during each pose, the pain started to ease and my brain started to think, “I need to stare at the ceiling like this more.”

Oh! And I repeatedly told myself, “If I do this often enough and become better at it, I’d live longer.” No joke! Because I felt like an oldie having super stiff joints. Actually all oldies I met during qi gong were more flexible than me; I was and am still the worst. Nevermind.

Guess which class I signed up for a second class?


But it didn’t happen. Class was cancelled and I only found out when I arrived at a closed studio. Apparently, I was supposed to receive a notification. Nope. No in-app notification. No email. No SMS. Thankfully the customer service was available for clarification and I could maintain my cool so I didn’t boil.

It may be a blessing in disguise too because I think the stretching was too much for me. My abdomen (where I had a major surgery last year) felt unease after the first class.

I wanted to catch up with my monthly quota of 10 classes so I booked another class the next day. Boxing! But I didn’t go because I was ordered to work from home that day due to water disruption in office. Not worth to brace 40km in peak hour traffic for KFIT.

I booked a dance class in Klang instead. But I didn’t make it also because the center was a mess. They changed the schedule without updating KFIT and told me they were having rehearsal for a dance performance so I wouldn’t be able to join anyway. What?! 2 incidents in a row. Hmph.

Good thing that the receptionist was very polite even though he was not helpful. I gave them a bad rating and wanted to log a complaint. KFIT customer service contacted me to enquire about the bad rating before I make a complaint. Should I be surprised that even KFIT didn’t get a response from the studio up till ticket was closed 2 weeks later?

For whatever reason, I still had faith in KFIT and went ahead with a repeat at Jazzercise. I found the session better than before because I knew what to expect and could follow better. Life is unpredictable though. It was the last class ever at the center because the instructor can’t commit to the center anymore due to a new day job.

What a bad week!

jazzercise kpop boxing yoga kfit
Week 3 of KFIT.

Can’t blame me for feeling disheartened to continue KFIT after the bad week, plus lots of holiday agendas aka Year End hangout with friends. I was feeling overwhelmed at work too and it impacted my rest so I just felt too sloppy to move.

cancel reservation on KFIT
Cancelled all reservations in Week 4 of KFIT.

You must be thinking why my update about my first 3 KFIT classes ended up so long. I only attended 4 classes in my first month, with 1 repeat, making it 3 different KFIT classes indeed.

Aww man. 4 out of 10 slots utilized for RM139/month. What a waste of money, right? So I told myself I should quit KFIT. But I remembered the wrong renewal date to terminate the subscription in time. #facepalm

Now there’s a sequel to my KFIT journey. Let’s see how I fare during yet another festive season. #fingerscrossed

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