Top 5 Highlights from Club Med Cherating

I’m back at work today after a week long holiday at the East Coast but I still can’t leave behind the magic of the 5 days spent at Club Med Cherating! While I’m still smiling ear to ear from my first Club Med experience, let me blog about my top 5 highlights from the stay!

#1 Trapeze a.k.a. Circus

trapeze circus club med cherating

Spoiler alert. I did it! As in I managed to complete the trapeze routine of jumping from platform and hooking my legs on the bar hands-free! It was unbelievable. Especially when I only succeeded at the third attempt. Even RK couldn’t believe it. Haha. Click here for the video!

#2 Sailing

Sailing at club med cherating

We almost didn’t make it but were so glad we did. It was amazing. We rode on the wave. We felt like Moana. I couldn’t stop cheering while we were on the sailboat. It felt like riding a roller coaster on a canvas of water. Did I say it was amazing already?

#3 Kayaking

Kayaking at club med cherating

I have been for kayaking before. In fact, I’ve had an unforgettable kayaking while watching sunset at the middle of the ocean at Langkawi when I was in high school. But I’ve never kayaked out in a roaring sea. It felt like a water park ride as we paddled against the waves. It was so much fun!

#4 Zen Pool / Zen Space

club med cherating zen pool

Go scroll the Instagram account of Club Med Cherating and you’d realize most of the photos were taken at the Zen Pool / Zen Space. Because it was simply stunning and the most Insta-worthy. Every corner of the area was so mesmerizing. I could live there.

#5 Gala Dinner & White Party

white party club med cherating

Many may argue that Zen Pool Party is the bomb at Club Med Cherating but I vote for Gala Dinner & White Party because I simply thought it was cooler. Dinner by the pool. Circus performance in the pool. Fireworks by the pool. Domino shots and sparkles at the bar. And dance show and party with ladies with wings and man in feathers. The bomb.

I tried so hard to refrain myself from typing away because I have so much to share. So excited to share. Keeping the details for other posts!

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