5 Things I Look Forward To At World Vision 30-Hour Famine 2017

I didn’t get to join World Vision 30-Hour Famine last year because I was undergoing chemotherapy. You bet I wouldn’t miss the chance to be back in action as a volunteer when they announced the event!

Here are a few things that I am looking forward to volunteering at 2017’s World Vision 30-Hour Famine.

#1 The Friendly Volunteers
volunteer world vision malaysia
Always my favourite photo. How and why did we look so happy and excited? We just met one another for a few hours.

During my first volunteer experience at 30-Hour Famine, I went in alone. But I immediately got great company who sanitized toilets and sorted recycling materials with me. In fact, I even made volunteer friends who later recruited me to organize DIY camp together one year. Then two years ago, I was privileged to work with a team of super friendly volunteers, who were a bunch of joy from dawn to dusk — seriously! Definitely looking forward to seeing the old faces and meeting more new faces.

#2 The Tired Campers


I always find it funny to see tired campers during the countdown event because they look dead tired. But deep inside, I look forward to the feeling of being touched by their perseverance and enthusiasm to support this movement — enduring 30 hours of starvation while undergoing a vigorous camp under the scorching sun and pouring rain to raise awareness for famine crisis faced by children they do not know.

#3 The Even More Tired Camp Leaders


I am always envious of the camp leaders and organizers of DIY camps for 30-Hour Famine. I adore the courageous student organizers who take up the challenge to be part of something bigger than themselves. I adore the compassionate adult organizers who get themselves busier in their already busy lives year after year. They represent kindness and sacrifices for a greater good.

#4 The Dedicated Staff


Freaking tens of thousands of campers from all over the country come together every year in a stadium for 30-Hour Famine — organizing this massive fundraiser is not an easy feat! There will be 900 volunteers alone for 2017’s countdown event. Hats off to the dedicated staff who work tirelessly for a cause every day to change lives and give hope to families in poverty. Seeing all of them “turun padang” and work together is always a beautiful sight.

#5 The Awesome Performances


These artists who go on stage during the final four hours of the 30-hour fast are great artists — award-winning, internationally-acclaimed and most importantly, charitable. They make the effort and the time to lend their talent, voice and influence for a great cause. They make the countdown more bearable and entertaining when they serenade us with their amazing voice. This year, the ambassador is Rachel Liang 梁文音. Looking forward!


So am I volunteering out of altruism? Far from that. I volunteer because I want to be inspired by the positive energy and enthusiasm that radiates from the tens of thousands of people who will gather at Stadium Malawati Shah Alam on 30 July 2017 for a common cause to build “one future: no hunger”.

If you’re interested to get this Vitamin I(nspiration) too, sign up as a volunteer on World Vision Malaysia website and follow the 30-Hour Famine Facebook for the latest updates.

5 thoughts on “5 Things I Look Forward To At World Vision 30-Hour Famine 2017”

  1. I coincidently found your blog through google when I am looking for the Puchong Wawasan Hill review. You are such an amazing and tough young girl who not only surviving the big C but also able to contribute to the society through your work. For a big man like me might not be able to do what you are doing. You are the real “ironman”. Wish you found your health and happiness in live.

    1. Hey Bryan. Thanks for your generous and kind words. Everybody has their own strengths, own role and own challenges. We are all ironman in our own way =) Wishing the best of health and happiness to you and loved ones too!

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