Cheap and Pretty DIY Temporary Tattoo

I didn’t think I would blog about the temporary tattoo that I got 2 days ago, until I got 2 inquiries within 1 hour on where to get a temporary tattoo (in my case, a sticker tattoo). I typically don’t get people asking where I buy my stuff so this deserves a blog post.

My sister came back from Jonker Street, Malacca with a new tattoo on her wrist. We’re not the type to get real tattoo so it was definitely a temporary tattoo. I thought it was an airbrush tattoo from her company event. Surprised to find out it’s a DIY sticker tattoo that she stuck on herself. She was wanting to get a permanent tattoo for a while which I out found while she was reading about a tattoo pain numbing cream which you can click here to read yourself, but as our skin is too sensitive: thus there was no scope for either one of us to get it done.

She even had a couple more with her so of course I asked to have one for myself too!

quote sticker temporary tatoo with watercolour floral design
LET IT BE quote sticker tattoo with watercolour floral design.

I had no clue how sticker tattoo is supposed to work. Definitely felt like I was overthinking when all she had to do was place the sticker on my arm and put it under running water for 1 minute; just like those free temporary sticker tattoos from Mamee Monster snack when we were young!

That’s super simple and fast. As long as you can stick it yourself, you can just spray water blindly to get the sticker on any part of your body without the help of anyone.

This tattoo is supposed to last for a week. It’s printed with soy ink — safe and eco-friendly. The designs are beautiful. They are super affordable at only RM5 per piece (may contain more than 1 design). You can buy it online with delivery fee of RM3 only, or free shipping with minimum purchase.

de artoo temporary tattoo
The size of 1 piece of tattoo card, packed in a resealable plastic bag. Designs are reversed on card.

My sister got 2 pieces of tattoos with 2-3 designs each so mine costs RM2.50 for a week. I could have 5 different tattoos for a month for RM10. Whoa. What a steal right? I used to remember seeing Lovisa, Sephora and other beauty stores selling for price tags I wouldn’t pay for; maybe because the trend has died down so it’s not pricey anymore. Plus, there are lots of suppliers too, even online!

The tattoo that I got was from De Artoo (Facebook | Instagram). Price starts from RM5 per piece that may contain more than 1 design depending on the size of each tattoo. Minimum order online is RM15 and delivery fee is RM3. Sometimes they run promotion i.e. Buy 5 Free 1 + Free Delivery. Sounds great to me.

de artoo temporary tattoo
Similar design was featured on their website too! Suddenly feel wiser. Haha.

You can even do bulk custom tattoo so imagine printing sticker tattoo for special events i.e. wedding reception. Whoa!

There are other suppliers that I found online via quick Google search too i.e. Cotton On, Habitatt Supply Co and poppylab. Never tried them before but of this lot, De Artoo seems to have the most variety of designs at the most affordable price.

p/s I had a conversation with my mom about living life more freely, worry lesser and treating misfortune as twist of fate. She was telling me if she can, she wants to follow me everywhere to ensure my safety and health despite me being a 26-year-old who has survived Stage 3 Colon Cancer; always mummy’s princess. That’s what my “Let it Be” tattoo means.

Disclaimer: This post is by no way sponsored by any of the brands mentioned. If any, my sister sponsored RM2.50 with free application. Feel free to sponsor me if anyone wants too. LOL.

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