My Favourite Online Shopping Sites Under ShopBack

Have you heard about ShopBack? I don’t remember how I first came across the site but I remember telling friends and family about it years back and everyone has been delightfully sticking to the site when it comes to online shopping. Me included.

If you’ve never heard of ShopBack, it’s a site that offers cashback when you shop online via its referral link. Yes, just click to the site you want to shop on from ShopBack’s link and you get cashback for purchases made!

It’s legit. It’s been around for a couple of years now. I’ve cashed out from the site without a fuss. It’s very simple to use. You just have to remember using it whenever you shop from online stores listed on ShopBack.

There are over 300 online stores listed under ShopBack and here are my favorites. Let’s see if you shop on the same sites. 

Zalora to Shop for Clothes 

Seriously… If you buy clothes online and have never shopped on Zalora, I’d be surprised. Necessities aside, I shop for fashion the most so when Zalora entered the market with so many great deals years back, I just had to buy my clothes online. I have bought clothes, accessories, bags and shoes for work, casual, special occasions and festive on Zalora. I probably got hooked on online shopping no thanks to Zalora. I like the selections and the sales.

Hermo to Buy Everything Beauty 

I used to buy my skincare and cosmetics from drugstore. But when I started buying from Hermo, I never looked back. I liked that there are many reviews for me to refer. There are many brands to choose from also. Best of all, I’ve always enjoyed really good service — fast delivery, free delivery for min. 2 items purchased (regardless of spend!), super responsive customer service. I’ve not compared the retail price with Hermo’s but I heard sometimes it’s cheaper to buy Korean products from Hermo than buying in Korea. (y)

Fave for Dining Offers 

This is a new habit. When I can’t think of what to eat, I wipe out Fave app and see if there’s any promo nearby. Over the weekend, I’ve purchased Fish & Co meal right before walking into the restaurant and earned RM1.80 Fave Credit that I redeemed via Fave Pay at Chai Bar. If only Chai Bar is not closing down soon, I could use my Fave Pay 10% cashback for my next meal at Chai Bar. It’s always exciting to discover promos and try different eateries.

Lazada for Home & Living

Lazada has (arguably) anything and everything you want to buy online. I bought many things from Lazada before but one category of item that I’ve bought from Lazada and not elsewhere is Home & Living. I bought a ladder and air purifier from Lazada before! RK even bought a wardrobe that I helped to fix and later blogged about from Lazada (read: Assembling Multifunctional Wardrobe from Lazada). Oh Lazada. What a wondrous place.

Grab to Get Rides 

My previous workplace had horrible carpark so I preferred using Grab to travel to client office or to go out for lunch with colleagues. I took Grab most of the time for short distance travel to the hospital for treatment too (and enjoyed lots of meaningful conversations about battling Big C at 25). RK recently discovered Grab being listed on ShopBack and has successfully redeemed cashback during our Grab rides in Malacca. I need to remember to use ShopBack the next time I Grab!

Some of the other sites I browse that are also on ShopBack are Expedia, AirAsiaGo, Happy Bunch, MILKTEE, Christyng, Doublewoot, Foodpanda, Taobao, Go Shop, Photobook and many more.

Go check out the full list yourself and start making it a habit to always check ShopBack before you complete any purchase online. It’s a simple step to earn a few ringgit every time, isn’t it? If you’re a big online spender like RK, you can get hundreds in cashback in a few months #truestory.

ShopBack is definitely a smarter way to shop (online).

If you’re signing up for an account, you may use my referral link. Depending on the ongoing Refer-a-friend program promotion, you may even get sign up bonus by using my referral link!

Sign up for ShopBack now here! 

P/s Should I also blog about another favourite cashhack method that I use on top of ShopBack cashback?

This post is written in collaboration with ShopBack. 

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