Shape Fitness Festival 2017

Tell my brother to sign up for fitness, and he’ll be looking where to buy purchase peptides in the blink of an eye, whereas tell me to sign up for a fitness membership and it’d take me forever to sign up, if ever.Tell me to sign up for fitness party or festival aka the type you don’t really need to know how to move to join, I’m in. Especially when it’s very affordable, like the RM30 ticket to Shape Fitness Festival 2017.

Farmers Union cow mascot
This cow mascot from Farmers Union was so adorable! He was following the activities from time to time too. Caught him doing body combat and I later bounced with him for Boomerang.

Actually, I wouldn’t join it alone even if it’s free so it was good that friends invited to participate together. Always good to have “wardens” to make sure I don’t ffk the sweat session.

I didn’t expect the event to be very punctual because there’s a slang called Malaysian timing. Haha. For an event that ran for 6 hours, starting at 4pm, they were really on time for pretty much all the activities. *clap clap*

So how this Shape Fitness Festival worked was that there were 3 stages with different activities running concurrently so that participants have options. I like it this way because there’s no way to put me through power yoga or scrambled legs and stuff. I chose the activities I deemed the easiest, even though I was still too noob to follow thoroughly.

The first session that I joined was basic yoga. I couldn’t help but keep comparing yoga to qi gong. Fundamental wise, I find similarities: synchronized breathing and body positions with a meditative mind. Even though both are slow, both work on cardio and require flexibility. But I find yoga more challenging. It requires more discipline to perfect many poses and requires more strength to hold the poses too. Needless to say, it’d take me many many more basic classes to even figure out the most basic of yoga. While I was doing basic yoga, sh’bam and HIIT zumba took place at the other stages.

Shape Fitness Festival 2017
After our yoga session. Shape Fitness Festival 2017 looked quite eventful, didn’t it?

After yoga, I went for zumba and it’s my favourite because it’s my kind of exercise. It’s fun and it doesn’t seem like exercise. Sometimes it feels like you’re trying to dance or like you’re in some party. The two other sessions I opted out were scrambled legs and flexibility yoga.

Shape Fitness Festival freebie
In between sweat sessions = break time = snack time! Here we were having free Nestlé Fitnesse Granola with free Farmers Union Greek Yogurt.

The third session that I chose was body jam because it’s also a dance-like routine. Other options were power yoga and body combat — sound too challenging. It was my first body jam and surprisingly, I didn’t like it. I found it more athletic but found it too fast and repetitive for me. I didn’t like that I had to memorize the moves and repeat for 30 min while building up to a full routine! I gave up half way. My arms and shoulders were aching already so I didn’t want to stress them further also.

Shape Fitness Festival bodyjam
It’s already past sunset when the third activity started. Managed to take a photo while the activity was happening because I gave up half way =P

Lastly, there was neon dance party to close the day. This was like zumba but in neon party mode. This was fun! This happened after a short break for everyone and quite a long break for me so I was back in action! Enjoyed this more than body jam so I was moving again. But the girls were tired already and wanted to leave after completing 3 sweat sessions so we left half way through the neon dance party.

Neon fitness night
That’s me stoning and wondering what pose to pull because the girls didn’t fancy my first pose. End up using this stoning photo because I like the lighting and I looked better also. LOL.

For RM30, we received a (sexy) top, a heavy and full goodie bag, and free food and drinks at the venue! Super worth it.

Shape Fitness Festival goodie bag
Some of the freebies received in our heavy goodie bag and redeemed at the event. There were more to these i.e. granola bar, chocolate milk drink, Ribena, glowstick, vouchers.

And now, I need to nurse my body ache — evidence that I did work out.

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