Best of Malacca Weekend Trip With Friends

One of the long weekends in June, I went to Malacca in a group of 6-8 for a 3D2N trip. Two nights in Malacca? Really? Having been to Malacca at least 6 times in the past 10 years, many would wonder if I’d find anything interesting. Of course I did. In fact, the 3 days didn’t feel long at all.

#1 Play with Huskies at Huskitory

malacca huskitory husky
Group photo with friends and a pageant husky!

I’m not a dog person. I’ve never heard about this place until my dog-loving friends shortlisted Huskitory. It’s a corner house turned into a husky cafe, where you pay RM18/pax for an hour with easily 8 huskies in an indoor setting. Totally didn’t see it coming! I imagined sipping a cuppa while 1 or 2 huskies roam around quietly. Nope.

I found it overwhelming in a great way when the pack of dogs flocked in. They scanned through every table for interesting things, ignored our snacks after a day of snacking, napped at the coldest corner of the space and made it difficult for any decent photos to be taken. Within 10 min, I was like, “Ok I’m happy and satisfied! Take my RM18.” LOL.

Good that we made reservation for the 5pm slot because we could stay well past 6pm when they’re supposed to have an outdoor session. Our outdoor session got cancelled because it was a rainy day. We stayed indoor with the dogs longer.

TIPS: Make reservation via their Facebook page over weekend and public holiday.

#2 Eat Triple Cheese Naan at Pak Putra
best cheese naan pak putra malacca
Triple cheese naan at Pak Putra Malacca is the ultimate bomb. Best cheese naan ever!

I’ve been to Pak Putra during one of my past trips but I don’t remember it being this awesome! Maybe it’s because we ate it for late dinner at 11pm. Maybe it’s because RK, who is not a cheese eater, loving the cheese. Or maybe I didn’t try the triple cheese naan during my previous visit. We also ordered two chicken dishes and a spinach dish to go with our naans; they were great too.

I’ve always liked Indian food and am definitely enjoying it more now because it’s healthy so I don’t feel guilty eating. RK actually said he must eat at Pak Putra every time he visits Malacca in the future. Good for him. Don’t forget about proper oral hygiene after meals, get more info via

#3 Watch Moonrise at Hatten Silverscape Residence
samsung galaxy s7 night shot
Can you believe this photo was taken with a phone camera? I forgot which phone. Either a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or S7. This was the moon after the moonrise.

We booked a 2-bedroom luxury condominium unit with balcony facing the Straits of Malacca. The condominium also had an infinity pool facing the same direction. I assumed we’d be able to see sunset at either place since we’re facing Straits of Malacca from the land. I was wrong. We were on the West Coast facing the water but we were somehow facing East. LOL!

We were supposed to watch sunset while eating at balcony or swimming at the pool. But we ended up eating with the sky just turning dark and watching moonrise while swimming! What was that?!

I honestly didn’t know there’s such thing as moonrise until we caught it by chance. It’s pretty much an exact reverse of a sunrise. The sky is dark regardless. And you see the moon rising and getting illuminated. That was mind blowing for me. Loved it.

#4 Take Beautiful Photos at Padang Pasir Klebang
pantai klebang photography
Look at the sky~ Not sure why we don’t look like we were on top of a 2-meter tall sand dune. Oh well.

I thought the sand dunes would be similar to the ones at Lancelin, Perth. Wrong again. Perth’s don’t require you to walk more than 1km to reach. Perth’s is huge, tall and super windy so you can sand board, feel like you’re in a snow storm and get stuck with sand on your scalp and between your teeth.

But when I was in Perth, I didn’t have an artistic friend who could take beautiful photos of the visit!
It was a long hot walk with lots of sand over stimulating my neuropathy feet but the photos were nice~ Yay!

#5 Free and Easy in Malacca

The previous time I went to Malacca with this bunch, I packed the whole day with tonnes of food for our day trip. We were super loaded we were sick of eating. This round, I was too busy to bother planning anything for the trip so it was a really slow and chill trip. The trip turned out more collaborative too.

We left our Airbnb at noon both days. We waited an hour for lunch both days. And we roamed from one place to the other without time constraint. On one hand you can say we wasted a lot of time in between. On the other hand we wouldn’t have caught the mind blowing moonrise if we planned and followed a plan to the t.

It was a trip to enjoy the camaraderie anyway. And Malacca was only the place that hosted us. It has definitely fed our tummy, sight and spirit well.

jonker 88 ice kacang
We ate ice kacang at the park next to Jonker 88 because the shop was full. It even started drizzling when we were mid-way through our dessert. It’s OK. We ate our dessert anyway!
mamee jonker house selfie
It started raining very heavily at Jonker Street so we took shelter at Mamee Jonker House. It was so tempting to buy the snacks there~ And it seemed that they opened an art gallery or sort at Ground Floor.
malacca chicken rice ball
What is Malacca without indulging in food? We ate chicken rice ball at Jonker Street just because.
temporary tatto the ink book malacca
The girls went temporary tattoo hunting at The Ink Book. I bought the tattoo sticker for myself and as souvenirs too. The designs were so pretty~
best tiramisu backlane malacca
In the same building as The Ink Box, we walked into Backlane Coffee (Cafe) where RK and I tasted one of the best tiramisu in town!
satay celup sticks
Early dinner in Malacca is always reserved for satay celup. I love satay celup. If only they have less processed meat so that I don’t have to keep eating veggies and beancurds. Haha.
capitol longkang lala malacca
A friend has been saying THE WHOLE DAY she wanted to eat “longkang” (lala). I couldn’t really eat much except partial of the rojak so I can’t say anything about the food. But there were quite a lot of people despite the rainy night.
station one malacca live band
Didn’t want to go to bed early so we came out hunting for nightlife close to midnight and ended up at a brand new Station One outlet filled with people.
sunrise hatten silverscape residence
I woke up early for sunrise k…after missing sunset the previous day. Anyway, sunrise wasn’t very obvious but I woke up! I think I did a bit of qi gong at the balcony also.
daily fix malacca
On our last day, we went to The Daily Fix for brunch. So many people. Service was so slow too. But I could tell they didn’t bother to turnaround faster for more profit; felt like they wanted to serve only the best quality. No complain. Food and drinks were good.
freeport a'famosa outlet store malacca
Ended the trip with a visit to Freeport A’Famosa Outlet where I bought a few items. Didn’t go broke but it was a couple of hours comfortably spent shopping because it wasn’t crowded.

Till my next trip update!

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