Breaking and Fixing IKEA Bed Frame

Have you seen the 10 years product quality guarantee claim and demonstration when you visit an IKEA store? Some products even have 25 years guarantee. That’s impressive and leaves an impression right? RK’s brain innocently registered that all IKEA big items come with guarantee and (mis)educated me too. This led us to think that we’d get a new bed frame when he broke it today.

Ikea bed broken
Look at the wooden plank… There’s only 1-2cm of wood attached together.

From the few sentences I’ve written so far, you’d already know that it’s not the truth.

RK weights under 50kg. For no reason, he decided to jump onto the bed today to terrify me. To our dismay, we heard something broke and noticed the bed has sunken one side.

Seriously? How much force did this 50kg skinny boy transfer through the thick mattress and to the bed frame that the wood decided to split without warning?

We called the customer service hotline to enquire about warranty claim, only to learn that all bed frames are not guaranteed. ALL?! Ok. No more jumping on the bed.

This bed frame is about a year-old now so it shouldn’t be fragile. RK thinks that the frame broke because one screw was missing. He didn’t assemble the bed so he wouldn’t know if the screw was inserted in the first place. But we haven’t seen it lying around anywhere in the room so maybe it indeed was left out.

This got me wondering if we should just get professionals to assemble IKEA big ticket items in the future, especially when there’s no warranty.

My own bed was assembled by the IKEA team in a swift. It was impressive. My floor was somehow not flat so my bed was rocking on the uneven floor and that was fixed in under a minute. They were so good!

Back to RK’s bed, he turned to his favourite and trusty zip ties to fix the bed. 😲

Zip tie to fix broken bed
Zip ties not as reinforcement but as the solution itself. *nervous*

I don’t know if this will work but I’m writing a blog entry so that it’s easier for me to trace back when and if the zip ties give way. Let’s see if RK is genius about the zip ties or just trying his luck too far. 😂

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