Best of Color Run Malaysia

A man walked into the restaurant where I was having breakfast this morning. He looked sunburned, with odd red pathes on his face and arms. Odd. I told myself. On a second glance, noticed that his hair covered in colorful powder. Ah. It’s the Color Run!

In 2014 when Color Run first came to Malaysia, I attended the event too, thanks to free tickets won from CIMB. I don’t join marathons. I don’t run. So if not for the free tickets and hype about being the happiest run on planet filled with color, I wouldn’t have bothered. 3 years later, Color Run remains the only fun run I’ve ever joined to date.

Color Run Malaysia
I actually like my hair colour here. But won’t dye it IRL so this was good!

Recalling the memories 3 years back, here’s my best of Color Run Malaysia 2014 memories with RK.

Walking into McDonald’s Post-Run

RK and I walked into McDonald’s after the run to buy something and to use the washroom. The staff behind the counter was horrified when they saw us covered in odd colours. Priceless expression. Someone else asked me, “Are you OK?” when I walked out of the washroom with blue-tainted lips. Priceless.

Showering Days after Color Run

We kept discovering colours every time we showered after Color Run. It lasted for days. One day we’d find colours in our ears. Another day we’d find colours in our nostrils. RK was totally pissed about it but I found it fascinating. Like wow; the powder travelled well… So it may be a good idea to stuff cotton into the ears before running if you’re like RK.

Not Having to Run

I ran for like maybe 500m at the starting point? Later on, it’s lots of walking because firstly, I don’t run and thus was horrible at it. Secondly, most other participants were not there to run too! So many people were stopping to take photos, blocking the way. Thirdly, see the next point.

Bumping into Friends

I no longer remember exactly how many friends and who I bumped into. At the car park, we saw RK’s friend from university. Before the run, we saw my sister’s friends. During the run, we saw my ex-colleagues. My point is, you see people you know, everywhere!

Playing with Color Powder

It wouldn’t be Color Run without all the colorful powder right? By the end of the race, I was considerably cleaner than the average participants actually. I guess I didn’t run into all the powder and color being thrown at us throughout the run. We were given packets of powder though so I only used them all after the run. Haha. I would say Color Run was a YOLO experience.

Staining Everything

OK. Maybe this was not a “best of” memories because we’re talking about turning white shoes into orange (and sometimes brown) stained shoes. And a yucky looking sports bra because of all the unflattering color stain. The white shirt given was in odd colors too after the first few washes. These stained items, however, are now a memory trigger of the fun times at Color Run when I YOLO-ed once.

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