Turmeric Fried Chicken at Pengkalan Batu, Klang

So far so true. Food that end up on my blog are RK’s favorite. The previous was Tamaruya steak at Isetan The Japan Store. And now, ayam goreng kunyit (turmeric fried chicken) at a food stall in one corner of Klang.

Ayam goreng kunyit
RK normally eats clean but every time he’s here, he will surely indulge on the fried kunyit crumps. This, plus more papadam and a glass of iced milo cost RM11.50.

This turmeric fried chicken is not a new favourite. In fact, it has been one of the very few reasons RK willingly comes to the deep corner of Klang to find me for the past years. Mind you, the food stall is not located at the Bukit Tinggi or the New Boston areas of Klang, but at a little place called Pengkalan Batu. It is somewhat located next to Jalan Raya Barat (where my school is) and Tepi Sungai (where I live since birth).

[Google Maps location]

Pengkalan Batu food stall
It’s right next to the infamous Klang River. They have been operating here for the longest time, even before the government refurbished this riverside area with food stalls like this.

Every time we eat there, RK has been wondering why hasn’t the entire place burst with people, even though it is already very busy. This is the place he’d go to for the best ayam goreng kunyit he has ever tasted, outside Terengganu (his hometown). Crunchy on the outside. Juicy on the inside.

The best fried chicken in Klang
This is a chicken breast but it’s juicy! Not fooling anyone; it’s oily too but yums.

Besides ayam goreng kunyit, the curry seems to be a crowd favorite too. People normally load their plates with rice, veggie, lots of curry, fish and/or fried chicken and papadam. Yums.

Fish head curry
A crowd favorite, which I’ve never tried because I just don’t fancy eating fish head curry.

Go for lunch past 1pm to make sure they have enough fish and chicken to serve hot from the woks. We’d typically make sure we visit latest at 2.30pm to make sure they are still serving. Sounds like a short window, I know. But we think it’s worth it if you like Malay fried chicken and if you’re in town. It’s literally across the Klang River from Peng Heong Hakka Paikut.

We think this is arguably the best fried chicken in Klang and a hidden gem. We haven’t try every ayam kunyit goreng in town so you try and tell us.

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