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Best of Langkawi Company Trip Sept 2017

As I was leaving Langkawi on the plane yesterday, I can’t help but to admire the beauty and gem of Langkawi. I think it’d continue to be a place I’d return to at every stage of my life, despite having visited the island 4 times in my lifetime now.

Plane window view
Got a window seat when leaving Langkawi. Such a joy. Could admire the beauty of the landscape. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The reason I find Langkawi charming is because I find Langkawi equipped with everything for every type of traveler. My first visit was during my childhood, to countdown to the new millennium. Second visit was a high school trip where one of my YOLO travel moments happened. The third was 3 years back with friends for a bit of nature, food and drinks. And the most recent was over the weekend for company dinner and trip. I left with different but yet wonderful experiences every time.

The company trip to Langkawi felt quite short but slow actually. Short probably because I’m used to packing all travelling hours with activities but because of the big group travel and company dinner, we really only had 1.5 day for travel. Slow because we stayed a 5-star resort and with so much free and easy time, I really enjoyed the relaxing pace ambient.

Best of Langkawi
Selfie with the blue sky and sea as nature’s best backdrop.

Here are my best of Langkawi moments in chronological order from this 3D2N trip.

#1 Eating Fish and Chips by Seaside
Fish and chips Langkawi
Happily waiting for our fish and chips by the seaside~ First meal in Langkawi!

It’s a simple restaurant, named Scarborough Fish & Chips at Tanjung Rhu Beach. Located right next to the beach, there were seats on the sand actually but we chose to sit at the edge of the restaurant where we could still enjoy the amazingly blue seaside view under the shade.

Food was prepared fresh upon order so wait was expected but we didn’t feel it when the sea breeze and sea view kept us company. The only problem was that it was so windy the food turned cold before I could finish the perfect thick fries and wonderfully seasoned fish.

Fish and chips Langkawi
Pan fried dory because I was having sore throat. Tasted the deep fried version and I personally liked the deep fried version. A few colleagues preferred the pan fried.
Best of Langkawi trip
The beach was a beauty.

I actually returned with another group of colleagues the next day but was greeted by completely different view because it was a rainy day so do set your expectations right based on weather forecast. ๐Ÿ˜‚

#2 Company Dinner by Cenang Beach
White summer company dinner
This funny bunch of colleagues kept the table entertained all night long.

The company promised us a beautiful beach party in return for settling for a local company trip. The party was indeed beautiful. The sunset right before the dinner started was breathtaking! The dress code was white summer so it was very pleasing to the eyes to see everyone clad in white. The buffet spread was commendable and the music was good!

Best of sunset langkawi
So beautiful! Good that we caught this as we were going for dinner because it was a gloomy evening the next day.

In fact, the music and dance floor was made better by some in-house talents we had. Wow. They could do a mini concert with that talent. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

At a company dinner of creative and media agencies, there bound to be a lot of alcohol, especially on the duty-free land of Langkawi. I was amazed by some colleagues’ alcohol tolerance and amused by some drunk antiques. Good entertainment. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I wasn’t drunk but I might as well tell people I was drunk when I kicked a lamp and cut, bruised and scratched my knee. It’s not serious but I bled more than I should because I may be eating blood thinner for my cancer research.
I was on the way to meet this gorgeous wedded couple when I injured my leg. I clearly didn’t notice the blood bursting from my knee.
#3 Gigantic Temurun Waterfall After the Rain
Temurun waterfall Langkawi
Such a tall waterfall! And it was so accessible. A short trail from the entrance in our slippers.

Our only full day in Langkawi was a full on rainy day. Heavy rain started at late morning and only stopped momentarily throughout the day before it started pouring again. When I went to bed at midnight, it was still drizzling.

A colleague mentioned about Temurun Waterfall nearby. At first thought, I exclaimed it’d be very pretty because the downpour would create strong gush. At second thought, I wondered if the water would turn brown, like how our blue ocean turned brown. Thankfully, it was the former.

The waterfall was so strong that I only stayed 50m away from it. The wind that came with the gush was so strong! The water splashed so far that I couldn’t take a proper photo because my lens kept getting wet. Not forgetting, the strong current made the entire trail so chilly.

That was quite an experience. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The best selfie I could take here. The rest were blurred by water droplet from the gushing waterfall even though I stood so far away.
Temurun waterfall Langkawi
Definitely not safe for dipping.
Temurun waterfall trail
The trail to Temurun Waterfall was quite short but water was leaking in everywhere. I guess the rain was really heavy ๐Ÿ˜…
#4 Dark and Quiet Bar at Four Seasons Resort & Spa
Rhu bar lamgkawi
Electric blue lights against the dark night was quite a sight. Special thanks to the attentive, thoughtful and patient staff for this photo! He was amazing.

We went back to Tanjung Rhu (where we had fish and chips lunch) after driving around the island as the rain continued to pour. This part of the island was very quiet and dark. We made a few rounds before spotting the entrance of Four Seasons Resort.

The compound of the resort remained dark as we were taken to Rhu Bar in a buggy ride. The bar had a very nice interior. There was only 1 group when we arrived so when they left, we felt like we reserved the whole place to ourselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

After an unexpectedly expensive seafood dinner, we limited ourselves to a bottle of sparkling white wine and prepared ourselves for another hefty bill filled with hidden charges. Surprisingly, there was no hidden charge at all. Small bites were free. There was no service charge and price of drinks were displayed at nett. Awesome.

It was unfortunate that it was such a cloudy rainy night. We could have enjoyed a starry night view since that area was almost pitch dark.

Rhu bar langkawi
Electric blue and orange~ Looks impressive with a pool table at the center, doesn’t it?
Rhu bar four seasons resort
Super orange alley to the washrooms.
#5 Staying in a Room with Pool Access From Balcony in Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa
Selfie with my roommate at our balcony.

When I first saw the room, I was thrilled by the huge bathroom with bath tub. The bathroom was so huge and well equipped that I could totally live in the bathroom with an addition of a bed.

When I opened the curtains, my pupils dilated at the sight of a swimming pool. My room was so far away from the resort lobby that I arrived at another swimming pool. In fact, I had to walk past 2 lakes and 1 swimming pool to reach my room. Easily 600m walk one way.

After 3D2N, I realized the best part of my room was the balcony access to the pool. I found myself walking out to the balcony for some warmth and people watching by the pool every now and then. If only I jumped into the pool with colleagues too.

But hey! I did qi gong in the morning before the rain started! Qi gong at the balcony, followed by a 1.2km qi gong jog around the resort. This is the first time I completed the entire routine by myself. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

That’s my room! Right behind the chairs by the pool.
Swimming pool meritus Pelangi Langkawi
This is the swimming pool outside my room.
Meritus Pelangi resort
The trail was chilly. The route was confusing so I kinda jogged 1.2km while getting lost. ๐Ÿ˜… My qi gong jog was supposed to be 1.2km anyway.

It was quite a waste that it was raining on our only full day there. But I learned that because I went with no expectation, I left with only gratitude of all the good things that happened during the trip.

Thankful that my room mate whom I befriended because of this trip (we both didn’t have to mate and got matchmade) was such a happy pill even though she unknowingly locked me outside; I sneaked in from the balcony by unlocking the latch from outside. Told you I liked the balcony.

Also thankful for the groups of colleagues whom I spent my time there with, making sure I didn’t return with just memories of me chilling in the resort even though the resort was amazing.

On a final note, I should just carry a trolley bag and load everything in when given luggage allowance instead of travelling like I usually do. Now I have shoulder ache from carrying my 5kg duffel bag despite me checking it in. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Been loving to use this bag since my Taiwan solo travel without luggage allowance. But chocolates are heavy!

Till the next travel!

Wooden staircase portrait
Love at first sight when I saw this staircase. Loved the light piercing through. Photo by my trusty roommate!

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